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With the rise of the concept of smart home, automatic fingerprint lock is gradually familiar to many consumers. Fingerprint lock is a relatively high-tech product, and the fully automatic fingerprint lock adds a new upgrade highlight to this family. As soon as the fully automatic electronic lock was born, it was deeply loved and pursued by the younger generation because of its more outstanding performance, convenience and irreplaceable good experience. Then, when choosing the full smart smart lock for anti-theft doors, how can consumers buy a really easy-to-use and cost-effective full smart fingerprint lock

the editor invited master Chen, a locksmith with many years of experience in Shenzhen, to sum up several precautions when choosing fully automatic intelligent locks:

1 Choose a real fully automatic fingerprint password lock

although fully automatic is well known, in fact, fully automatic is also divided into three generations, which may not be well known by many people. The first generation is a fully automatic fingerprint lock with a key to close the door. After closing the door, first fix the position by the oblique tongue, and then press the key inside the door or outside the door to close the lock, typically Shunhui, etc; The second generation is a fully automatic intelligent lock with infrared detection for closing the door. There is an infrared induction detection switch on the lock of the rear door of closing the door. After detecting the door frame, it sends a signal to the motor to realize self-locking, which is significantly better than the first generation, omitting the key action, but the installation and reliability are slightly insufficient, such as romance, etc; The third generation is a fully automatic fingerprint electronic lock with gyroscope positioning. It uses the principle of gyroscope to detect the displacement, acceleration change, door vibration and inclination change in the process of opening and closing the door, as well as the direction of opening the door. It can more accurately realize the detection and positioning of closing the door, and then realize automatic locking. At present, there are not many third-generation brands that can be manufactured and made stable due to high technical requirements. Typical ones are professional manufacturers such as SiGe

2. Choose a fully automatic electronic lock with simple and reliable structure

simple and reliable is the goal pursued by the intelligent electronic lock industry at present. The structure of full-automatic intelligent lock is particularly important in use, which requires a lot of details to be considered in the design of full-automatic lock. The automatic lock should not only meet the function in structure, but also consider the robustness and durability. The outer panel without push-pull structure is very simple. In addition, beauty and simplicity should be considered in the structure

3. Choose materials for automatic smart door locks

the material of smart door lock is very important. The normal service life of the door lock should be more than 3 ~ 5 years, and the durability of the door lock must be taken into account

there are two aspects of good materials. One is that the surface treatment materials are better. It is generally recommended to choose the process of multi-layer electroplating or electrophoresis followed by oil injection, which will have better durability; On the other hand, the substrate is better. It is recommended to choose zinc alloy die-casting substrate or stainless steel substrate

4. Choose the automatic electronic door lock with high appearance

although everyone has different definitions of beauty and appearance, for consumers, the appearance of smart locks affects the first impression of this lock. As the saying goes, falling in love with an automatic lock starts with appearance, performance and loyalty to experience. Whether a lock is beautiful or not can be seen at a glance, and it can be judged without consulting any information

5. Choose a fully automatic fingerprint anti-theft lock with high security

the key of intelligent lock is security, and so is the full-automatic fingerprint anti-theft lock. This must be a key consideration in its design. The safety should be at least in several aspects: 1) the locking bladder should be held at the side of blade belt with grade B or above grade C. 2) The lock body should meet the industrial standard of class B anti-theft lock body; 3) The master chip and fingerprint algorithm should be reliable; 4) Prevent the small black box from opening. SiGe fingerprint lock adopts customized C-level lock cylinder, which has passed the B-level test of fingerprint anti-theft lock. It has fingerprint algorithm with independent intellectual property rights. The chip adopts st chip of Italian semiconductor, which can be said to have a very high security level

6. Choose to install a simple automatic electronic smart lock

it is suitable to choose an intelligent lock with strong versatility and anti rotation shaft. In addition, it is best to have an auxiliary installation sleeve when installing the lock liner. If the program has the function of automatic lock closing and switching, it is better to be suitable for Wang Li door, which can be similar to the self elastic mechanical lock body

it is better to have OLED full prompt in the program and menu. It is better to set the left and right door opening of the door lock in Caidan; Of course, a fast calibration function is also necessary

whether the installation can be realized quickly is extremely important for users or installers

7. Choose a fully automatic fingerprint electronic lock with good user experience

the purpose of fully automatic intelligent lock is convenience. Of course, it puts forward higher requirements for mutual experience in other aspects. 1) It is better to have a fingerprint lock with a 360 degree fingerprint registration and identification algorithm, and it should have an intelligent update function, so that the more you use it, the better you use it; 2) The menu and management should be simple; 3) With USB external charging interface; 4) Lithium batteries should be fast and stable; 4) The pixel of the acquisition head should be high, preferably above 192*192. 5) The door opening methods should be rich, and the functions of fingerprint, password, high-frequency card and mechanical key should be supported. 5) It is best to reserve a third-party interface, which can be connected to the smart home scene later, so as to make life colorful

8. Choose a fully automatic intelligent password lock with good after-sales service

intelligent password lock is more complex than mechanical lock, so professional after-sales service is required. A good brand can find service personnel at any time when customers need it, which can completely solve users' worries. The sales and installation of products are only the first step, and the subsequent longer-term service and support is the core of product value extension

9. Choose a cost-effective fully automatic electronic fingerprint lock

in fact, this is a false proposition, but many people really like this "cost performance". Unlike smart phones, smart locks can get a general idea of performance by running a minute. The performance of smart locks should emphasize "demand". It is more reasonable to control the price under the condition of meeting the same demand

of course, the lower the price, the better. Reliable performance, higher security level, bright appearance design, and subsequent services all require a certain cost. Generally speaking, the terminal price of the third generation full-automatic fingerprint lock is between 2500 and 3500, which is relatively reasonable. SiGe hopes to always adhere to the fully automatic intelligent lock that can be used by all people, make it a "cost-effective" product among many people, and let the general public experience the safety and convenience brought by technology




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