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On March 19, 2016, the 2016 supplier negotiation meeting with the theme of "breaking the ice and developing together" was grandly held. More than 200 people from Gute home supply chain partners and major media friends attended the conference

on March 19, 2016, Foshan Gute household products Co., Ltd. hosted the 2016 supplier negotiation conference with the theme of "breaking the ice and developing in a group", which was grandly held in Fengdan Egret Hotel, Nanhai District, Foshan City. More than 200 people from Gute home supply chain partners and major media friends attended the conference

ou Zexiong, chairman of Gute home appliances

ou Zexiong, chairman of Foshan Gute home appliances, kicked off the conference with his keynote speech "small entrepreneurship? Big achievements", Ou Dong said, "Gute supplier conference comprehensively integrates supply chain resources to meet the increasingly personalized and customized requirements of the market. In response to the call of the national development of customization, it organizes suppliers to respond to the market situation, carry out comprehensive alliance development strategic layout and all-round resource integration, and ensure to meet customer requirements to the greatest extent."

Gute has been rooted in the industry for 16 years and has accumulated rich production management experience. It has long-term cooperation and joint development with major domestic well-known cabinet, bathroom cabinet and wardrobe brand manufacturers, and has been highly praised by the industry. After upgrading in 2016, the product line was improved, intelligent equipment was introduced, information management and digital production system were introduced, which attracted great attention of major real estate developers and established long-term cooperative relations

with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for personalized home customization, we will ensure to provide our customers with high-quality products and value-added services. Gute has made great efforts to build a one-stop solution service provider for the whole house component hardware. At this meeting, Gute reached a good consensus with major suppliers, all links of the supply chain have been comprehensively improved and improved, and a joint inventory plan has been implemented to ensure accurate supply. It has laid a solid alliance foundation for Gute to lay out the customized industry, break the ice and develop together

Shi Junchang, manager of Gute purchasing department

Shi Junchang, manager of Gute purchasing department, said, "2016 is the year of Gute quality management. We expect all suppliers to cooperate with Gute production plan, strengthen communication and exchange, and carry out smoother cooperation. Then manager Shi led all colleagues in the purchasing department to read out the" integrity oath "on the spot

Lin Huipeng, head of Gute purchasing department

Lin Huipeng, head of Gute purchasing department, said: "2016 is a year of win-win cooperation and common development between Gute and its suppliers. In 2015, Gute's total procurement reached more than 49.6 million yuan, and the total procurement is expected to reach about 60 million yuan in 2016.

Gute quality manager Tang Yanjun

Gute quality manager Tang Yanjun made an introduction to the quality system construction project of European suppliers: the defective rate of Gute products in 2015 decreased by nearly 60% year-on-year in 2014, and Gute suppliers can refer to European quality management in 2016 The management system improves and improves the supplied products step by step. It is estimated that the non-performing rate of Gute's products supplied to europay in 2016 will drop by another 12 percentage points year-on-year compared with 2015

Gute quality department manager Ke Shaocai

supplier representative's speech

Ms. Huang Cuiying, general manager of Dongpeng oxidation plant

Mr. Xu Zhihua, sales director of Foshan Carroll hardware

Mr. Wu Xuejun, general manager of Foshan ZHENGYIGUAN glass factory

signing of equipment purchase intention agreement

2015 excellent supplier award

dinner part

dinner toast time

wonderful scene performance

A group photo was taken by all the guests to keep the precious moment. The 2016 supplier negotiation meeting came to a perfect end





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