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Excellent enterprises must keep learning in order to survive in the competitive market environment

excellent enterprises must constantly learn to survive in the competitive market environment

in order to survive in the fierce market competition, Yijia Yipin has always been committed to building a "learning organization", especially paying great attention to the training and education of people in distribution businesses, and often holding various types and levels of training to provide them with strong training support. This year, the Training Department of yijiayipin marketing center systematically upgraded the existing training system based on the systematic summary and sorting out of the previous training system, combined with new knowledge and methods, and developed a series of new courses accordingly. Among them, a 19 day designer training camp was held from April 9 to April 27, 2018

this training was given by Feng Yunfei, Yang Jie and Huang Jian of the Training Department of a Yipin marketing center. Teacher Feng said that this training is very different from the previous training, mainly reflected in these five points: first, the previous training focused on comprehensive training, including design, marketing, etiquette, etc., while this training is specialized in design, with the purpose of systematic and thorough training of design knowledge; The second is that the duration of the training is long enough, a total of 19 days, and there is enough time for all students to study and practice; The third is to adopt the training method of group PK, so that everyone can grow rapidly in the fierce competition; The fourth is that only through strict examination can we finally pass the training. Students who pass the training will be issued graduation certificates, and individual excellent teams can also obtain the banner of "excellent designer team". Fifth, in addition to designing courses, there are wonderful outdoor expansion training to cultivate everyone's team spirit

the training process is very exciting. Let's have a look

the picture shows teacher Feng Yunfei giving a lecture. Teacher Feng explained the design knowledge of customized furniture in simple terms through humorous language, and the wonderful explanation won bursts of applause

the picture shows teacher Yang Jie explaining the introduction of furniture products. The students are listening carefully and recording the main points in their notebooks from time to time

the picture shows teacher Huang Jian explaining how to fill in the measuring book. The students are watching while practicing. Teaching and practicing are combined to grow faster

the picture shows a group photo during the expansion period. Everyone is energetic and energetic

the picture shows the students cooking and eating by themselves during the development period

during the expansion, there was both hard sweat and joy. Everyone sent out great energy through fierce PK competition, and cultivated a good sense of cooperation at the same time

students who successfully pass the examination will be awarded the certificate of honor for completion, which is the result of everyone's hard work and condenses everyone's hard work and sweat

the picture shows that three excellent teams won the banner of "one family one product excellent designer team", and their representatives took the stage to accept the award and delivered their speeches

the most valuable thing is that the trainees cooperated with each other in the training process and formed a deep friendship. They all left with reluctance, but they all believe that they can apply what they have learned in their future work and provide professional design for each customer! In addition, the home consultant training is also held this month. This training is a special training for home consultants. I believe it will be equally wonderful. Let's wait and see




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