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Compared with the increasing inflation, this tax reduction is better than nothing for us. After buying a house, you still need a lot of money for decoration. How can you save money for decoration? Moderate DIY is a good choice. Here is a DIY decoration diary of Hubei Meimei. What is called turning corruption into magic? What is Huihui Lanxin? What is infinite creativity? What is money saving DIY? You can taste it right away

first, let's look at some comparison pictures before and after decoration

come to the master bedroom first. Don't think that it is the same as most rooms at Tianya. There is a bathroom in the master bedroom. This is a cabin, but it has wooden floors

in the past, the dining room was inside the porch, but I think the living room outside is too big, and we have nothing to decorate, so we moved the dining table to the living room together, which looks more saturated. The dining room is now empty. It was intended to be a rest area before, and it costs money, which is not a very necessary thing, so it's not necessary for the time being




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