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Qinzhou decoration industry Guangdong faction leader and media dialogue

qinlang online news (Morning Post reporter Huang Qin) on August 16, the bosses of five Qinzhou Guangdong faction decoration Masters had a media dialogue with the property and economic news center and the home decoration Department of the advertising center. The bosses and the media analyzed the problems existing in the home decoration market and discussed the development of the home decoration industry in our city

with the rapid development of Qinzhou's economy, the residents' living needs and decoration concepts have undergone fundamental changes, and home decoration has become one of the most concerned topics of modern urbanites

at the media dialogue meeting on the same day, the heads of five decoration companies, including Li Jianying, the boss of Samsung decoration, Cao Jiaming, the boss of chunmanrenren decoration, Yang Fangbin, the boss of Huaxun taste decoration, Wen Wei, the boss of famous craftsman decoration, and Ye Jing, the boss of Dapeng bird decoration, exchanged with media reporters on the new concept and design of the current Guangdong style decoration, and made “ Media survey ” Express their views on the situation, objectively analyze the current situation of Qinzhou decoration industry, and communicate with the media reporters present on the style of Guangdong style decoration





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