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In the era of car service, every car and traffic facilities on the road are connected to the network to transmit information, so that the green and intelligent one-stop platform car can make driving decisions based on the information obtained from the car service, so as to realize automatic driving

as we all know, whether the attitude is proactive or reluctantly, autonomous driving has become a topic that all automobile enterprises can not get around. Due to the huge amount of data processing involved, chipmakers who used to play the role of "playing soy sauce" in the automotive industry have started to form gangs and recruit people with the power of "overlord". Among them, NVIDIA, which started with "playing games", is the most popular. In addition, the strength of Intel and Qualcomm can not be underestimated

at the GTC (graphics processor technology conference) recently held in the United States, Huang Renxun, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, announced that NVIDIA and Toyota group have launched cooperation in the field of automatic driving. "Toyota is a legendary car company." Huangrenxun said: "engineers from both sides are working closely together and hope to put autonomous vehicles on the road in the next few years."

compared with its old rivals Intel and Qualcomm, NVIDIA's partners in the automotive industry have formed an overwhelming advantage. However, Intel and Qualcomm also have their own technical characteristics, so it is too early to say which is better

NVIDIA with boundless scenery

the cooperation between Toyota and NVIDIA will develop advanced auto drive system based on the new generation drive PX2 artificial intelligent automobile computer platform of NVIDIA. From the establishment of Toyota Research Institute tri at the beginning of last year to this cooperation with NVIDIA, Toyota, which was originally quite low-key in the field of automotive intelligence, is becoming more and more open

in fact, NVIDIA's high-profile debut in the field of automatic driving was at the CES conference in January this year. At that time, NVIDIA not only displayed the bb8 driverless car, but also announced the cooperation with ZF group (Germany) to launch the artificial intelligence auto drive system jointly developed and designed by both sides, which will be officially put into production in early 2018

speaking about this cooperation, ZF CEO Stefan Sommer said: "NVIDIA has helped us bring the super computing power required by artificial intelligence into the automotive and commercial vehicle fields. At the same time, NVIDIA's artificial intelligence platform has made us take a big step in this direction."

in addition to the first tier supplier ZF, Audi and Mercedes Benz also disclosed their "love" relationship with NVIDIA on CES this year. Audi made a high-profile appearance in the keynote speech of NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun. They are preparing to launch a full autonomous vehicle that can be used on the road in 2020

Mercedes Benz seems to be keeping a low profile. The news of its cooperation with NVIDIA was mentioned at a CES forum this year. Sajjad Khan, vice president of Mercedes Benz digital vehicles and travel, and huangrenxun, CEO of NVIDIA, jointly announced that they will launch an autonomous mass production vehicle equipped with NVIDIA AI technology, which will be launched as soon as 2018 - ahead of Audi in time

in fact, the cooperation between Mercedes Benz and NVIDIA began three years ago. For this reason, the core teams of the two sides also complement each other - Silicon Valley in the United States and Stuttgart in Germany for development. However, it is surprising that NVIDIA and Audi have been working together for more than 10 years and can be regarded as an "old husband and wife"

Bosch held the annual meeting of the IOT within the group in Berlin in mid March this year. Bosch CEO Volkmar? In his speech, Dr. Volkmar Denner revealed that Bosch is cooperating with NVIDIA to jointly develop an artificial intelligence auto drive system. At the same time, it has also launched a super chip Xavier, which aims to achieve various autopilot tasks. In the future, the system and chip will be applied to mass market vehicles

at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2017, Volkswagen attributed the emergence of the sedric concept car to the breakthrough made by the company in terms of sensors, high-definition maps and data computing capabilities. It is reported that Volkswagen Group has cooperated with here digital map, NVIDIA, etc

Tesla has made great contributions to the promotion of the concept of autonomous driving. The projects behind it include not only Mobileye, which has just been acquired by Intel (although it broke up last year, and Mobileye announced that it will no longer provide services to Tesla after the contract expires), but also NVIDIA. It is reported that Tesla has cooperated with NVIDIA when developing its first model s, and the subsequent model X and model 3 models have also adopted NVIDIA's supercomputer chips

Volvo, which also had long-term cooperation with Mobileye, also changed its course last year. At CES 2016, NVIDIA released drive PX2, an autonomous on-board computer with learning function. Volvo will purchase hundreds of such computers for the development of its driverless cars, becoming the first car brand to apply its entire system

Weilai automobile, which recently swipes the screen, is also one of NVIDIA's guests, although Mobileye is also a partner of Weilai automobile

in addition, aimotive, a start-up company, has also received huge investments, including NVIDIA and Bosch. It uses camera solutions and focuses on artificial intelligence algorithms. It is one of the direct competitors of Mobileye because of its unique variety and style. Volvo also maintains close cooperation with aimotive

it is worth mentioning that although NVIDIA is now positioned as an artificial intelligence company, its early chip business has already blossomed everywhere in the automotive field. In addition to the above-mentioned companies, BMW, Honda, etc. have also used or used NVIDIA's chips for vehicle digital instruments, navigation and infotainment systems

the fiery Intel

Intel, which made its fortune by relying on home computers, failed to make due achievements in the field of mobile communications, so Intel can no longer be at ease in the most popular field of artificial intelligence at present. As an important branch of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving is the first barrier Intel will face

shortly after NVIDIA announced its cooperation with Toyota, Intel also issued a statement. Katy winter, Intel's vice president and head of automatic driving department, reiterated Intel's determination as a data company

"Intel is the only company in the market that can help automobile manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers solve data processing problems. We have a complete set of solutions. Intel's solutions can not only deal with heterogeneous data collected by vehicles, but also solve data problems in the network and cloud." Winter said

at present, the companies on Intel's partner list include Mobileye, Baidu, BMW and Delphi. Meanwhile, Mobileye has been purchased by Intel at a high price. Winter said that there were many partners she could not mention for the time being. "If you carefully observe the self driving test vehicles currently running on the road, you will find that many of them are equipped with Intel cores." She said so

mobileye was founded in 1999. It has been deeply engaged in the field of driving assistance technology for many years. It has cooperated with top parts suppliers such as electric equipment, Delphi, mainland China and magna. BMW, Volvo and Cadillac are all guests in the main engine plant. In addition, domestic manufacturers including SAIC are also using its driving assistance products. The biggest advantage of its products is the algorithm and cost, and other manufacturers of the same kind of products have the same intelligence in China

according to Reuters, on May 16 local time, BMW Group, Intel and Delphi announced that they would work together to develop a highly automated driving platform for BMW to improve the quality in the testing process (reduce human interference) and reduce the work intensity of the experimenters. Delphi will be responsible for the integration of components and software. It is reported that Intel camp is developing L4 and L5 autopilot technology that can be used in the whole industry. Even if the driver rarely intervenes in the driving process, the highly automated driving system can handle almost all driving situations. A BMW product R & D director said on May 16 that other car companies are actively discussing whether to join the alliance in the coming weeks

the addition of Delphi will not only bring a broader perspective to the application of automatic driving technology in the camp, but also inject professional hardware integration and computing capabilities into the alliance. Klaus fr hlich, a member of BMW's board of directors, said in a statement, "from the beginning, our cooperation in the field of automatic driving is not exclusive. Delphi's participation will make an important contribution to the development of our automatic driving technology and its popularization in the industry."

in fact, Delphi began to cooperate with Intel and Mobileye in the second half of last year, hoping to apply the auto drive system to commercial fleets. After Delphi joins, all members have the right to share the information of the previous two independent alliances

take it easy Qualcomm

Qualcomm is not high enough in the field of automation, but its ambition should not be underestimated. At present, Qualcomm's two largest businesses are still technology licensing and chips. The former has made a lot of money, while the latter's applications in the automotive field are mainly in navigation and infotainment systems

at this year's CES, Volkswagen and Qualcomm announced that Qualcomm would provide Volkswagen with snapdragon 820a processor to promote the application of navigation, audio and smart link systems. Xiaolong 820a is a vehicle grade Xiaolong 820 chip, which is currently widely used in Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5 and other smart devices. This is also the first time Qualcomm snapdragon 820a chip has been used in mass production vehicles

on the other hand, Qualcomm also announced the acquisition of NXP, a giant in the automotive electronics industry, last year. The huge amount of the acquisition attracted the attention of almost everyone in the semiconductor industry, and also demonstrated Qualcomm's determination to go global from the industry. The businesses of Qualcomm and NXP do not overlap much. After the acquisition, the businesses are more complementary. The autonomous driving computing platform bluebox developed by NXP has also attracted the attention of many automobile manufacturers and will become an important part of Qualcomm's future territory

compared with NVIDIA and Intel's development model based on artificial intelligence autonomous driving platform, Qualcomm has taken a more difficult road in autonomous driving - v2x car service. In the era of car coupling, every car and traffic facilities on the road are connected with the network to transmit information, so that the car can make driving decisions and judgments according to the information obtained from the car coupling, so as to realize automatic driving. The high-speed network connection required by car service is also Qualcomm's strength, including the 5g technology currently actively deployed by Qualcomm

of course, Qualcomm car service also has a big problem, that is, the infrastructure of car service needs to be built to fully realize its full potential. In contrast, the AI driving of Intel and NVIDIA has nothing to do with the infrastructure. In fact, car couplets and artificial intelligent automatic driving are not contradictory, but can complement each other. In the second level of automatic driving, artificial intelligence can be competent; But when it comes to more advanced autopilot, the two solutions must be combined at the same time, so Qualcomm may be playing a bigger game

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