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Packaging design under marketing formats

content abstract: different marketing formats also reflect changes in consumption. Under the influence of different marketing formats and customer psychology, consumer behavior will have obvious counterpoint. For packaging design, how to align with the marketing format is particularly important. Designers cannot ignore the fact that if they apply certain thinking patterns to design packaging for a long time, they will surely fall into the stereotype and hinder commodity sales

key words: Marketing format packaging design strategy

as one of the industries with rapid economic development in China at the end of the 20th century, the packaging industry has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life. Popular packaging not only makes production enterprises profitable, but also drives the prosperity of printing and other surrounding industries. However, when we look at the goods around us, we find that there are more and more similar packaging designs. After the emergence of a new packaging design, more products will follow suit. This imitation vortex confused the brand of enterprises, also caused the visual confusion of consumers, put many goods in a disorderly competitive state, and distorted the true meaning of packaging design. How to build packaging design on the premise of market culture, study more marketing formats and consumption behaviors at different levels, and accurately grasp the consumer market and design positioning will be the key to the success of design

in the consumer market, we are often faced with three forms of marketing: retail (small owners), self selection and exclusive stores. We should adopt different packaging design strategies for different marketing formats

I. small business marketing format

small business marketing format is also the traditional form of retailers. This form of business is often located in new village communities and streets where residents are concentrated. It covers a small area, and some of them are in front of the store and back of the house. The purpose of people buying goods is very clear, the choice of goods is small, the shopping environment is poor, and the patrons are mostly nearby residents. As it is a small business, the purchase is mostly settled in cash. In order to avoid risks, the shopkeepers purchase randomly, and often prefer goods with low prices and good market sales. They adjust the variety of goods and the quantity of goods in time according to the demand. Such as selling hot pot seasoning in winter and beer and cold drinks in summer with the change of season and climate. In view of this sales format, we should study the psychology of shopkeepers when studying consumer psychology, because shopkeepers are also buyers, and their purchase behavior actually represents a part of the consumer population. When designing, we should control the cost as appropriate as possible. On the one hand, we should control the size and weight of the product to adapt to the timely and convenient short-term consumption behavior, and do not waste due to excess. On the other hand, the packaging materials and printing costs of commonly used consumer goods should be controlled within 15% of the product price as far as possible. Generally speaking, the sales of simple packaging are widely distributed and the sales volume is large. The products with excellent sustainability and label certification have a high degree of differentiation and low relative profits, which is a typical form of small profits but quick turnover. Therefore, the design pays more attention to the rationality of the use of limited cost, and its skills often reflect the advantages and disadvantages of the designer's level

second, optional marketing the expanded microspheres exhibited by the company have the characteristics of low density, light weight, good resilience and so on.

the optional marketing format, namely supermarket, is a new business model that entered the Chinese market in the early 1980s. Generally, there are convenience stores, chain supermarkets, hypermarkets and other forms of different sizes. What is described here is a large supermarket, which is often located in the periphery of the city center, with a large sales area, a comprehensive range of goods, relatively cheap prices, large passenger flow and high turnover. Modern super large market integrates warehousing and sales functions, with a high degree of intensification and scientific and standardized management. All goods are divided into areas by type, and the products of different manufacturers are assembled on the shelves in line. The competition between commodities is reflected in the competition of attractiveness, which is the place that can best reflect the eyeball economy. According to the survey, people will have impulsive consumption and casual consumption when they are tempted by a commodity. Impulsive consumption refers to that when people are attracted by a commodity when they are shopping in the supermarket, they will include it in the shopping basket; Discretionary consumption refers to that after being tempted by a commodity, the customer abandons the original scheme and chooses the commodity that attracts him. Whether it is impulsive consumption or casual consumption, attracting attention and inducing interest are important conditions for purchasing. According to statistics, in supermarkets with more than 8000 kinds of goods, the average time customers stay in front of each product is about 0.3 seconds, that is, which product can catch the customer's eye in 0.3 seconds, which will win opportunities for its sales. For the self selected marketing format, the most important thing is to make the packaging design have a strong visual impact. While studying our own products, we should also study the design of similar products and similar products, which are mainly used in the low-frequency fatigue performance experiment of various spiral springs. For example, the display language of shelves, such as regional color, stacking structure, text form, display mode, etc., abandons the common visual elements and combination methods of peripheral products in the design, avoids the dot packaging visual form with small and scattered display surface, and tries to make the packaging display surface appear on the shelves with eye-catching blocks, so as to enhance the visual capture distance and promote the purchase behavior

III. franchise store marketing format

franchise store marketing format is a form of traditional retail business moving towards modern business. It can be an independent store, or a modern shopping center with a cluster of exclusive stores and exclusive cabinets. It is usually located in the downtown business district of the city. It has won high-level consumer groups with its distinctive brand personality, fashionable and high-end goods, comfortable and elegant shopping environment, and thoughtful and meticulous service marketing concept. This kind of high quality is unparalleled in the marketing market of other formats. Most of the customers who consume here are successful people in a well-off society. They attach importance to their status and image, and require different consumption grades and consumption atmosphere. When customers buy goods, they are also buying culture, which is a self affirmation of the dual enjoyment of material and spirit

the marketing format of exclusive stores is the place that is most closely related to the CI strategy of enterprises. Although the one-time investment cost is high, considering the profits of the retail market and long-term brand building, powerful enterprises still enjoy it. Therefore, the packaging design of exclusive stores should first pay as much attention to the brand and cultural publicity of enterprises as possible. When designing, consider the decoration style of the store, harmonize the packaging design with the atmosphere of the exclusive store, and create a brand cultural atmosphere; Second, design should reflect fashion and personality, study the development trend of the world design trend, and stand at the forefront of fashion and fashion; Third, reflect high-level, high-grade. The parts and details of packaging must not be ignored. The selection of packaging materials should be of high grade and the packaging technology should be exquisite. The packaging form can be large and excellent, or small and fine. The high-end and exquisite packaging makes people like to reuse and keep it properly, and has deep skills in continuing the brand memory and the advertising effect of mobile publicity. The packaging of exclusive stores is a design that consumers bring home corporate culture, brand priority and personality publicity. It expands and extends the meaning of packaging. Its consumption goes beyond the scope of tangible goods, and the design works also reveal more cultural content

different marketing formats also reflect changes in consumption. Global economic integration has made the competition between national economies and various enterprises more intense, and the segmentation of market consumption is inevitable. As the spokesperson of the corporate image, packaging has always put attention and interest in the first place in the design when performing the important responsibilities of protecting products, facilitating transportation and promoting sales, constantly seeking innovation, change and difference, so as to create the most beautiful form for the terminal of the product channel. The culture is diverse, the demand is diverse, and the requirements for the design and Realization of the production and utilization of key aluminum alloy brands are also broad, but under the influence of different marketing formats and customer psychology, consumer behavior has an obvious alignment. Designers cannot ignore the fact that if they apply certain thinking patterns to design packaging for a long time, they will definitely fall into stereotypes and hinder commodity sales. For packaging design, it should not only have the impact of visual form, but also have visual affinity and persuasion, so as to have the kissing force of market behavior

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