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Packaging digital process of Aristo carton indentation proofing machine

when printing and packaging enterprises enter the 21st century, it is not difficult for people to send technical parameters of cement mold testing. Now those packaging boxes in life are more lively, colorful and eye-catching; The shape is more and more new. Nowadays, manufacturers not only pay attention to color design and printing, but also pay more attention to the combination and generation of box shapes. Some forward-looking enterprises have sought professional packaging design tools and carton proofing tools

at the dawn of the digital age, printing and packaging are also facing great challenges. Large carton and carton packaging factories in Europe and the United States have used some professional packaging design software to generate cartons, and use the 3D function of the software to form folded cartons, which directly simulates placing internationally advanced goods in boxes and on supermarket shelves, lifelike! Customers can not only see three-dimensional images on the display screen, but also get the actual packaging effect of dozens of boxes directly when the factory does not make die-cutting plates

bcsi system's pd2000 and Germany's ariso die cutting and indentation proofing machines appeared as pioneers in the digital age, entered the Chinese market, and immediately became the focus of attention of many packaging factories. The following is a brief introduction to their basic functions and characteristics:

Germany's Aristo carton damage and indentation proofing machine

this machine is the fastest and highest production carton cutting machine in the world; It has four tool heads, slicing head, thread pressing wheel head and automatic conversion of Pearl pen, so the rapid cutting, thread pressing, line drawing and marking can be completed at one time; The laser positioner of my functional head can be quickly and correctly positioned, and there will be unified and accurate rules when repeating work. It can also be equipped with a camera used to register mark

the machine can be installed with various processing tools, and is suitable for corrugated paper, paperboard and mixing work; The ballpoint pen worker can be replaced and then installed on the tension test machine for drawing, which is convenient for reverse die cutting; It can also be used to make local glazing plates; It can also produce cartons and cartons in small batches

because Aristo proofing machine cooperates with pd2000 design software, it is very easy and simple in box shape design. A simple carton design can be completed in one minute. The completed box design can also be used. At present, ceramic matrix composites have exceeded metal heat-resistant materials in withstanding high temperatures. First, they are sent to customers by e-mail to check the size and shape on the computer. They can also be produced by Aristo proofing and express

to customers for identification. And some orders are completed by dozens to hundreds of small-scale production equipment, which is very beneficial in production. Because manual cutting can not guarantee that each box is the same, and some shapes are not good for manual cutting, such as special-shaped handles, round shapes, star shapes, etc

Arito has been widely used in cartons and carton packaging plants in Europe and America, and has become an irreplaceable important tool in the packaging and industry. Now, Chinese entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of this problem and begin to introduce a large number of advanced equipment to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

in a word, when the world economy is developing towards the digitalization of global economy and networking, any industry needs to be closer to this aspect more or less. The same use of pd2000 packaging software and Aristo proofing is in line with the requirements of this trend and is a powerful tool to improve the competitiveness of our enterprises. We have noticed that the domestic users of this software and pd2000 are super large enterprises with the best scale and benefits in this region. However, with the further development and popularization of digital processes, we believe that more small and medium-sized enterprises will also join them

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