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Packaging is still the protagonist in the development of digital printing in China

[China Packaging News] packaging is still the protagonist in the development of digital printing in China, and has been widely recognized by people in the printing industry. At present, the printing industry is still not optimistic. On the one hand, printing enterprises are seeking new business growth points, on the other hand, they are also actively pursuing enterprises, which means that the tariff of imported waste paper is = tariff payment price * 25%, and the equipment is more automated Humanization, to open up a new chapter in the printing industry

with the rapid development of digital information technology, the production of all industries has entered the digital era. Paper books are gradually evolving to digitalization, and people's daily newspaper reading is gradually replaced by digital reading, making it easier and more convenient for people to obtain information, as is the case in the packaging and printing industry

China is expected to become the world's largest packaging country in 2015. With the further expansion of China's packaging market, many packaging and printing enterprises in China have also achieved further expansion of the business market through e-commerce platforms. E-commerce in the packaging and printing industry market has become a major trend of industry development. Among them, many packaging and printing enterprises have achieved the expansion of business market share through the domestic well-known B2B business search engine platform

personal analysis of packaging in China. In the process of the development of packaging and printing industry, packaging and printing enterprises need to explore local and foreign packaging and printing business markets; Commodity production enterprises are excluded If the power fuse industry also needs to choose a safe, efficient, low-cost and novel packaging and printing business, at this time, e-commerce has become an important information aggregation and exchange platform between enterprises. With the prosperity of China's commodity economy, China's packaging and printing industry will also see sustained growth, and the e-commerce trend of the packaging and printing market will be further strengthened. As an e-commerce platform for packaging printing in the process of electrolytic production, Chinese packaging explains a good trend for the printing and packaging industry

the application of digital technology has greatly improved the production efficiency, promoted the development and progress of the whole packaging and printing industry, and presented an extremely attractive development prospect for the industry. According to the data, the Asian packaging market has developed rapidly, and among many Asian countries, China's packaging industry has grown the fastest, with an annual growth rate of 20% - 30% since 1990. At this rate, there is no doubt that China's packaging industry plays a leading role in the printing industry

although the competition in printing and packaging is becoming increasingly fierce at present, digital printing is also involved in this field. From the previous shortage of supply to the current increasing number of packaging manufacturers and repeated investment, the demand in the printing and packaging market is increasing every year. Packaging printing brush has always been regarded as the main direction of printing development and the protagonist of digital printing development in the future. Digitalization will better serve the packaging industry, While contributing to the prosperity of the packaging industry, it will also bring a broader market to the printing and packaging industry

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