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The world has entered an aging society. In 2002, the number of people over 60 years old in the world has exceeded 600million, and is increasing at a much faster rate than the total population. By 2020 and 2050, it will reach 1billion and nearly 2billion respectively. China has also entered an aging society. In 2000, there were nearly 130million elderly people over the age of 60 in China, accounting for about 10% of the national population, and the proportion of the elderly population in large cities such as Beijing is higher. By 2030, China's aging population will reach 310million. The aging society has formed a potential huge silver market. An increasing number of elderly people have special needs in their clothing, food, housing, transportation, medical treatment, spiritual consumption and other aspects, which puts forward new topics for commodity production and packaging. Of course, it also brings new development opportunities for quick acting drugs that do not reveal the truth

the packaging of commodities for the elderly is very different from that of commodities for the youth and teenagers in many aspects. For example, lively and lovely cartoon patterns and bright jumping colors should be used on the commodity packaging for children, while the packaging for the elderly should reflect the psychological needs of the elderly in their pursuit of longevity as much as possible, and use more patterns, colors and text content to express longevity. The packaging of articles for the elderly should be simple and dignified, safe and convenient, highlight practicality and tradition, and try to meet the realistic and habitual psychology of the elderly

in addition to paying full attention to consumer psychology, appearance and color, the packaging of elderly goods also has the following five key points, namely, easy to understand (the description of the steel ball of the oil outlet valve in the oil pump pulled by the commercial steel wire hook), easy to open, easy to carry, easy to use and easy to discard. Easy to understand (product description): the relevant product description text on the package should be more detailed when designing and printing, so that the elderly consumers with poor eyesight can see and understand it; Try to improve the clarity and popularity of the explanatory text; The font, size and color of words should be convenient for the elderly to read

easy to open: the opening strip of the package is obvious and easy to open: it is easy to find "opening mouth" and other indicating text patterns

it is easy to put your fingertips into the opening part; Easy to open with one hand and single action; It can be opened easily without tools; It is easy to open; Both left and right hands can be opened

easy to carry: it can be carried easily with one hand; Women and children, etc. (their hands may be smaller, so we will try our best in the whole test process) are also easy to carry; The package does not slip

easy to use: the package is easy to open and close; Can be used with one hand; The operation time is short

easy to discard: it must be able to discard by classification; It is easy to disassemble the package to reduce the volume

source: China Food News

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