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Packaging design of meat products

from the current market, China's major meat products manufacturers include Shuanghui, Yurun, Jinluo, delis, Xi experimental machine. In fact, Jie, Chundu, Zheng Rong, Meihao, Wutian, Dahai and so on can not be tested anywhere. Among these enterprises, only Shuanghui, Jinluo and Yurun are large-scale enterprises, while others are small-scale enterprises. From these representative enterprise products, we can basically see the face of Chinese meat products and the current situation and positioning of packaging design

(I) current situation of packaging design of Chinese meat products

the packaging of Chinese meat products mainly depends on the different forms, specifications and types of products. At the same time, due to different cultural connotations, different levels of designers and different design styles, various manufacturers have different packaging design styles and forms. As the packaging of meat products, the product packaging form is generally determined according to the different product varieties and styles. From the current situation of the meat food market, the main varieties include garden shaped ham and sausage, square block meat products and canned meat products, soft packaged canned meat products, sausage meat products, etc. Among these packaging forms, the following are common at present:

1, PVDC casing film. This is the only packaging used for all sausage. This kind of membrane is a double-layer processing technology, which blocks oxygen. It is red, white, yellow, brown and other colors. Unfortunately, these are all single colors. Only according to the needs of the manufacturer's products, can we redesign and print various packaging patterns

2. Artificial vegetable protein casing membrane. This kind of film is an environmental friendly, pollution-free and pollution-free casing, which is suitable for many Chinese sausage meat products. Unlike PVDC, it is not suitable for printing patterns. It also needs to be protected by plastic transparent bags or other packaging forms when entering the market

3. Animal casings. Generally, they are Pig casings or sheep casings, which are suitable for Harbin Red Sausage, Shanghai red sausage, crispy sausage, breakfast sausage, American hot dog sausage, sausage and other related canned foods. This kind of casing also belongs to pollution-free green packaging. In entering the market, it is still necessary to increase the form of outer packaging or label

4. Color printing plastic film. This kind of film is non-toxic and oxygen resistant. It can be printed with various shapes on the transparent film. It is suitable for round meat products and square meat products, ranging from 200 grams to thousands of grams. It has different specifications and rich patterns. This kind of product is common in supermarkets and shopping malls

5. Canned meat products. This kind of meat products should be divided into three kinds: iron box cans, glass cans and soft packaging cans. Tin and glass cans have color patterns printed on the outside, and some are wrapped with stickers in the form of labels. Soft wrapped table cans are generally divided into multi-layer coextrusion high barrier composite film packaging and aluminum tin low packaging. They are directly combined with objects and vacuum oxygen resistance. Some are equipped with plastic color printing films, and some are synthesized with plastic color printing films. The designed and printed patterns are relatively exquisite, and they have a long retention period at room temperature, Generally, in months, some are transparent and single-layer, which do not need oxygen resistant aluminum paper, but are sold directly in the freezer. These are low-temperature products with a short shelf life. Such as meatballs, meat cakes, meat dumplings, meat chops, etc

6. Simple ordinary packaging. This kind of products use ordinary plastic film, disposable plastic box or simpler plastic bag. They don't need to invest too much design and printing cost in the decoration design. The simpler the more common the better, and adapt to short-term or temporary consumption

after understanding the packaging forms of these products, for packaging and decoration designers, they know how to start. But there are two problems to be solved here. One is the packaging modeling design that directly contacts with products, which involves the modeling of products and containers, such as round, square, bowl shaped, tubular, box shaped meat products. The second is the design of product labels and external packages. This design is subjective, and it is also a major topic for packaging designers. For this kind of design, it can also be divided into these kinds according to different forms of products: ① pattern design on printing film, such as ham sausage. ② Graphic design of labels. This design has a wide range of uses, such as canned or cylindrical, block shaped meat products, all of which are based on labels. ③ The color printing design of plastic bags is also widely used, and it is constantly enriched with the diversification of products. ④ The mascot logo is set with juice, which is also the most commonly used in the meat industry at present, and plays an extremely important role in identifying, promoting the product promotion of manufacturers. For example, the lion designed by Shuanghui Wang Zhongwang was rated as the top ten best planning in Henan in 2000, which proves this. The tiger in spring capital, the children of golden gongs, Zheng Rong's piglets, etc. are the best representatives of this mascot, This is an art fortress that needs to be broken down in packaging. Although it seems simple, it is suggested that designers should make some efforts in this regard to shape this image, which should be regarded as not only the image of a good product, but also the representative of corporate culture and corporate image. And it can bring rich economic and social benefits to enterprises

(II) positioning of meat product packaging design

in the positioning of meat product packaging juice, we mainly grasp two aspects: the first is the positioning of meat product consumption object, and the second is the positioning of meat product's own form. Only these two aspects are grasped accurately, the positioning of design also establishes the direction

1. Meat products consumption target positioning: meat products consumption target is divided into marketing market target positioning and personal consumption target positioning

① the positioning of charging in the marketing market mainly refers to the main objects of consumption in the meat products market and their different distinctions. What is the subject object? For example, ham sausage is consumed by ordinary people or tourists, halal sausage is consumed by Islamic people, and Chinese meat products and low-temperature meat products are suitable for restaurants, hotels and families. In addition, the consumption of some local characteristic products, such as Cantonese sausage, is suitable for the consumption of people in southern China. Harbin sausage and Shanghai sausage are both suitable for the consumption of people in these two regions

the marketing market consumption positioning is understood. In the design of the product packaging, the design positioning is easy to grasp. For example, Halal Products must reflect the characteristics of "halal" through words and patterns in the design process. Chinese meat products and low-temperature meat products should also take into account the consumption convenience of families and hotels in the design, which requires the establishment of Packaging Organization materials and shapes. Including content tips, in addition to the above, we should also take into account local folk customs, cultural characteristics, consumption habits, differences, etc., and design the packaging and label patterns of products according to the differences, so as to promote the sales of the products

② personal consumption target positioning mainly refers to different consumption individuals in the meat products market, This needs to be reflected in which mountain song to sing "This feature, such as children's meat products, should reflect children's characteristics. Such as the strong and strong in Chundu, Shuanghui prodigy, etc., as well as the meat products suitable for women and children, such as chicken sausage, milk sausage, AD calcium zinc iron sausage, etc. in packaging design, it is natural to grasp their characteristics to determine the pattern positioning of the design. At the same time, according to their different characteristics, we should design different styles and different patterns, which are rich Colorful packaging shapes and patterns to meet the psychological needs of consumers at different levels

2. The positioning of meat products' own morphology, meat products' own morphology, mainly refers to different forms of meat products processed with poultry meat as the main raw material. With the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous changes of living habits, as well as the starting price of the spot market of market competition, this kind of meat products also provides opportunities for capital players with a keen sense of smell. It will develop towards high-level, high-quality and high-cultural forms. And more and more complex, more and more sophisticated. For example:

① meat can be divided into traditional cooked meat products (such as marinated meat). Modern meat products (such as ham sausage, fresh meat, frozen meat (such as raw meat), etc

② in morphology, it is divided into intestines, pieces, slices, meat pieces (canned meat pieces), lunch meat (synthetic meat), meat sticks, shredded meat, meat floss, dried meat, meat foam, meat paste, meat sauce, etc

③ in terms of the products produced, they are divided into canned, servo electromechanical rotating box controlled by the speed regulation system, sausage, bag, etc

due to the complexity and refinement of these forms, the design of product packaging must be colorful, flexible and innovative in order to keep up with the needs of the market and meet the needs of consumers

(III) grasp the skills of meat product packaging design

like other food packaging designs, the design of meat product packaging is constantly seeking design skills and pursuing its own style, showing its beauty, and constantly providing convenience and beauty enjoyment for the majority of consumers, which requires designers to pay attention to its skills in design. With the purpose of stimulating appetite, grasp the color in the design

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