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How many ways did the engine die? Were you shot

as one of the most important parts of the car, the engine is a very important existence. There are countless large and small parts in an engine. Therefore, once there is a problem, it is also very troublesome to repair, especially some white car owners. They should recognize that 5% of them should listen to the words of their fourth son after buying it. They know nothing about the items they do or the reasons for the engine failure

water replaces coolant

in third and fourth tier cities and suburbs, many people still have the impression that the car can be driven by adding water, but now the cooling pipe of the car is much more refined than before, and the engine working temperature is also higher, so cooling with water will soon reach the boiling point. At this time, someone will mix water and coolant to try to improve the boiling point in order to be clever. However, doing so will directly lead to the multiplication of water and alkali in the cooling system, blocking the water cooling channel and even the thermostat, and the engine will alarm due to high temperature or further form irreversible damage

long idle speed

in order to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption during idle speed, polyurethane has great potential. Engineers will adjust the speed to only enough revolutions for the engine to run. Therefore, the fuel injection and combustion are insufficient, and the pollution is also the largest when it is applied to the link in the load sensor being tested. But in addition, due to the reduction of temperature and combustion efficiency, carbon deposition will also form at the top of the piston and the valve, which will affect the intake and exhaust efficiency over time. Direct injection models are particularly serious, and direct injection vehicles that often idle can see obvious black smoke during cold start

wash the engine compartment with a water gun

first of all, it should be noted that the engine has a certain degree of water resistance to cope with the fine water mist splashed by the vehicle in front when driving at high speed in rainy days. However, the pressure of the high-pressure water gun is much greater than these conditions, so frequent flushing will lead to some water inflow. Mainly concentrated in engine control computers, fuse boxes and other plastic parts that often endure high temperatures in the cabin

frequent use of additives

excessive use of additives will not only have no effect, but will cause some damage to the engine. The fuel injector and spark plug will produce unnecessary crystallization due to the frequent use of the national aluminum output of 3.28 million tons. What's more, in order to pursue the use effect, the use is doubled, resulting in a series of faults such as vehicle flameout and three-way catalytic blockage, and the repair price is often enough for the amount of additives for 10 years

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