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Several new entry-level tool presetters

no one doubts that the tool presetter can increase the effective processing time of the machine tool spindle. However, some bosses of small and medium-sized processing workshops believe that the purchase of tool presetters is too expensive and economically uneconomical; Second, the operation is too complex to use efficiently. However, tool presetter manufacturers have made new answers to these reasons for rejection with their products

several tool presetter manufacturers have recently (mostly at IMTS 2006 exhibition) launched a number of entry-level tool presetter products with prices ranging from $12000 to $23000, and most of these low-cost instruments are equipped with easy-to-operate automatic tool measurement systems, thereby eliminating all kinds of speculation about tool presetters. Because it can greatly shorten the processing preparation time, these entry-level tool presetters are especially suitable for those processing workshops that mainly process small batch parts and need to change tools frequently. Of course, there are also high-end tool presetters for users to choose from

most of the tool presetters described below can provide a variety of tool information processing and output methods, such as printing tool tag, printing output mode, or using Ethernet to connect directly to the processing machine tool to transmit tool electronic data to provide tool information required for processing. Most tool presetters also provide tool measurement and inspection options

(1) zoller company launched a new version of its entry-level tool presetter "smile", which can realize non-contact presetting and measurement. The manually operated smile tool presetter can be used for all machining operations, and can provide three maximum z-axis measurement ranges (400mm, 500mm and 800mm) according to the tool length. It can automatically measure the standard parameters of the tool (length, diameter, tool tip arc radius and two cutting edge angles). It is also equipped with an industrial touch screen monitor, which can automatically detect the cutting edge in all four quadrants of the monitor (even if the cutting edge angle is greater than 90 °)

zoller company is a manufacturer specializing in developing and manufacturing tool pre conditioning and measuring systems. Alexander zoller, vice president of the company, pointed out that the camera system of the smile tool presetter was its main highlight. Some entry-level tool presetters use a contour projector to measure the tool, which requires the operator to manually aim the tool, so the measurement results may vary from operator to operator. The image processing of zoller tool presetter is fully automated without any programming operation

"once the camera detects the edge of the tool, it can measure five sizes," zoller said. "This not only shortens the adjustment time, but also improves the workpiece processing quality because the tool can always be preset to the same size." The use of smile tool presetter is very simple. The operator only needs one hand to move the camera to the cutting edge position of the tool. Once the cutting edge enters the field of view, press the shutter to complete the measurement. The starting price of the smile tool presetter is 16500 US dollars, which usually provides a payment collection period of 3 ~ 6 months

(2) command digiset 6 tool presetter launched by command tooling systems includes two models: 400 and 600 (the maximum measurement range of z-axis is 400mm and 600mm respectively), and extruded polystyrene board manufacturers should be more realistic. It can manage data of up to 1000 tools

digiset 6 tool presetter adopts advanced video image technology. Dennis king, the engineering director of command company, said, "the development process of tool presetter is from the single axis type based on micrometer to the two axis type using contact measurement, then to the non-contact measurement type using optical projector, and finally to the video camera type."

the video system enables users to complete measurement tasks that cannot be completed with optical comparators. King said, "you can measure the actual tip of the tool and its theoretical cutting edge; you can draw the tool outline, or rotate the tool to observe the matching between the latter blade and the previous blade; you can change the lighting mode from the rear of the tool to the front of the tool to observe whether the tool has crescent wear or whether the cutting edge is damaged."

simplicity and ease of use are the main advantages of digiset 6 tool presetter. King said, "basically, you just need to determine the function you want to use through the controller, and then press the button, and the instrument will automatically measure, or give you a simple menu for you to choose." The price of digiset 6400 model is $16650, and the price of 600 model is $1965

(3) through cooperation with ezset LLC, Schunk company has launched a manual tool presetter with a medium size range for its tribos multi-faceted clamping tool holder. The selling price of the instrument model with the maximum measurement range of 400mm in the z-axis is US $18000, and that of the 600mm model is US $22000. The measurement accuracy is 0.004 ~ 0.008mm. The instrument includes imagecontroller1 automatic image processing software, tool detection function and radial and axial runout measurement program

according to Jeff Keith, product manager of Schunk company, this new tool presetter can provide users with a full range of tool presetting options for tribos tool holders. "We have provided two basic types of tribos caliper presetting devices (selling range: 800 ~ 2500 dollars, accuracy: 0.010mm). In the high-end range, we recommend the fully automatic and PC controlled tribos tool presetting device developed in cooperation with zoller company, with an accuracy of 0.002mm." All three instruments adopt integrated hydraulic clamping to drive the tribos tool handle during pre adjustment

the new t but with the promotion of operation time, ribos/ezset tool presetter is suitable for medium-sized or large-scale processing workshops and production plants that require high tool presetting accuracy

(4) lyndex Nikken is the exclusive importer of Elbo controlli tool presetter in North America. The latest Elbo controlli E-450 tool presetter adopts granite columns and bases, which can avoid the influence of temperature changes; The main shaft body installed on the spring roller cage and the optical scale can limit the runout error to 2 μ Within M

the twinvision-s digital camera system of the Elbo controlli tool presetter includes a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensor, which can be used for both tool inspection and tool measurement. The maximum measurable diameter is 400mm and the maximum measurable height is 500mm

"the accuracy of the digital camera is very high in the whole field of view," Preben Hansen, vice president and sales and marketing manager of the company, said, "because the analog camera uses a curved lens, although the accuracy of its center point is very high, once it leaves the center point, the accuracy will decline. This is the reason why our tool presetter adopts an all digital optical system." This digital camera can give consideration to both tool inspection and tool measurement. "When you install and measure a tool, it is a good opportunity to check the condition of its cutting edge." Hansen said

e-450 tool presetter adopts vacuum clamping system. "If it matches the taper of the tool, clamping can be achieved. However, if there is sand or dirt on the tool, it will affect the tightness of the lower space stretch and make the vacuum clamping invalid. At this time, you will receive an error message. This alarm function can ensure the accuracy of cone contact and measurement." Hansen said. The E-450 tool presetter sells for $15900

(5) toolmaster 10 tool presetter manufactured by Rego fix tool company and Swiss PWB Systems AG is a manual table tool presetter, whose measuring column and tool spindle are installed on a cast iron base with good thermal stability and no stress. Toolmaster 10 has two models, with the maximum z-axis measurement range of 360mm and 500mm respectively

the newly launched instrument adopts a new tcam2 monitor. Tcam2 adopts a CMOS digital camera and a 10.4 "display screen (the display screen of the old model is 3.4"). In addition, the new instrument adopts a concise interface driven by a mouse. The digital camera can automatically identify the tool whose data has been input into the system. "Once the tool is recognized, your optional operations are all options for the tool." Said David McHenry, a product engineer at Rego fix tools

in addition, toolmaster 10 uses needle bearing sleeve to replace the original sealed bearing spindle. "This is a nylon sleeve with a built-in long needle bearing," McHenry said. "It can greatly reduce the spindle contact and runout error. In addition, it is very durable. You don't have to worry about dirt or debris that will damage the needle bearing or nylon sleeve itself. You can easily clean it."

the user can electronically correct the parallelism between the turret and the reference mandrel of the toolmaster 10 instrument without using the manual screw correction device. The toolmaster 10 tool presetter starts at $12900

(6) the tool dynamic tool presetter introduced by HAIMER company integrates tool measurement and tool balance system. It adopts Saturn 1 image processing technology and a 35 × The telecentric objective camera with magnification can automatically recognize the shape of the cutting edge of the tool. The maximum z-axis measurement range is 450mm

"the pre adjustment and balance of tools are beneficial to the development of higher performance 3D printing materials in many processing workshops, but they are often ignored because they are auxiliary processes rather than direct cutting processing," said brendt Holden, President of HAIMER USA. "we consider that we can enable users to obtain two functions at the cost of one instrument."

compared with the use of reducing sleeves, the clamping spindle of the tool balancing machine provides an ideal platform for tool measurement. Holden said, "the standard tool presetting instrument has a reference base and column, and uses the reducing sleeve to convert the taper of the tool handle from 50 taper to 40 taper, which may cause slight tolerance accumulation, especially when detecting runout errors. Unlike this, our instrument has an actual spindle, which can clamp the measured tool in the same way as the spindle of the machine tool."

HAIMER company provided the tool balance technology of the instrument, and zoller company provided the tool preset technology. As a partner, zoller company has comprehensively developed a tool heat shrinking/presetting machine by using HAIMER's heat shrinking tool holder balancing technology and zoller's tool presetting technology

by using balanced tool shanks on machine tools with corrected eccentricity, many processing workshops can improve production speed. Holden said, "we found that the existing low speed machine tools in the workshop can sometimes produce the greatest benefits. Using balanced tools, the speed of these machine tools can usually be increased from 3000rpm to the maximum speed of 6000rpm." The price of tool dynamic tool presetter is 70000 ~ 80000 dollars

(7) big Kaiser precision tooling Inc. recently launched speroni stp-35 basic and stp-35 ezvision tool presetters. The z-axis height of this new desktop tool presetter allows the measurement of tools with a length of 20 "(500mm) and a display resolution of 0.000039". The optional ezvision type is an automatic digital tool measurement system

"the maximum tool length that speroni stp-34 can measure is 16" (400mm), but some users need a larger measurement range, "said Richard McCarthy, national sales manager of big Kaiser tool measurement system." in order to obtain a larger tool measurement length, the processing workshop

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