Some old sections of China Unicom do not support 4

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Some old sections of China Unicom do not support 4G networks for the time being

it is understood that most old users who have successfully handled China Unicom 4G packages at present cannot use China Unicom 4G networks for the time being. The service of using 4G network for the old number segment in many regions has not been provided

last Friday, China Unicom officially began to handle the successful 3g/4g integrated package with the successful old users. The minimum 4g/3g integrated package of China Unicom is 76 yuan per month, including 200 minutes of voice/video calls, 400MB domestic traffic, and the national answer is free. The maximum is 596 yuan per month, including 3000 minutes of voice/video calls, 11gb domestic traffic, and free answering nationwide

however, it is found that for Unicom users in many regions, the successful handling of 4G packages does not mean that they can use Unicom 4G networks. For example, the customer service of Beijing Unicom in order to improve the reliability of the hydraulic system told that at present, only more than 100 users with special numbers can use Unicom 4G. In terms of Shanghai Unicom, only a small number of sections 145 support LTE services. The customer service said that at present, the user data of some sections of China's high-speed railway construction with the consumption of polyurethane adhesive of more than 10000 tons is undergoing system migration, and the operating procedures and precautions of the tensile testing machine: these users need to wait if they want to use LTE networks. Guangdong Unicom also said that section 186 does not support 4G networks for the time being

at present, Unicom customer service in some regions told users that after May 1, some old number segments are expected to use Unicom 4G network. At present, most users of the old number segment need to wait for a period of time before they can really use Unicom 4G after handling the 4G package

according to the speed measured by Unicom 4G network users who have used this film, the downlink can basically reach more than 100Mbps in both TD-LTE and ltefdd network environments. The uplink range is between 10Mbps or 40mbps

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