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Some precautions for buying second-hand excavators

now people are worried that the products they buy are not good products when buying second-hand excavators. Now I will introduce some tips for buying two hand excavators and how to buy second-hand excavators

whether the engine leaks oil, whether the excavator works normally when increasing the throttle, whether there is a lot of black smoke, whether the sound is abnormal, and whether it is suffocating

the strength of the big pump, the engine is at idle speed, and the fuselage is jacked up. If it cannot be jacked up, it means that the pump is weak or the engine sound is abnormal when jacking up, it means that the engine power is insufficient. Increase the throttle to extend all cylinders and listen to whether the big pump changes sound

chain plate detection. (this is relatively simple)

check the clearance between the left and right, up and down of the turntable. It is allowed that the downstream manufacturers on the left say that there is a little clearance on the right, but the upper and lower clamps are not OK

look at the number of oil pipes replaced by the whole vehicle and enter the system setting interface. The less it is, the newer it is to level the main engine with a frame level gauge in the two directions perpendicular to each other on the outer ring of the working oil cylinder

normal throttle working speed check

check all oil cylinders to see if there are scars

walk inspection, jack up one side, walk in high-speed mode, ear close to the drive wheel, and listen for abnormal sound

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