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Some cities in China have increased the management of fireworks and firecracker packaging

the Beijing Municipal Bureau of work safety said that the fireworks and firecracker packaging in Beijing will be affixed with code anti-counterfeiting signs

North SPI industry analysts pointed out that Beijing Municipal Bureau of work safety introduced that Beijing will establish a fireworks and firecracker industry association to strengthen industry self-discipline, and increase scientific and technological supervision means, paste "Yanlong" code anti-counterfeiting signs on fireworks and firecracker packages sold in the city, and use special sealing strips

this new regulation will be implemented from December 1st, 2005. It is one of the contents of the measures for the administration of fireworks and firecrackers monopoly being formulated by the Safety Supervision Bureau. Li Jianwei, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Administration of work safety, revealed that Beijing fireworks and firecrackers Co., Ltd. is intended to specialize in fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing. The company will implement unified purchase and distribution at about 3000 sales points in the city. In addition, the Municipal Administration of work safety will gradually implement the following measures: the city's fireworks wholesale enterprises, sales places, storage places to install remote image monitoring equipment; Generally install sales terminals at sales points to record the sales situation and product flow of business units; GPS system is installed on the vehicles that are engaged in the transportation and distribution of fireworks and firecrackers in the city, equivalent to about 2.2% of the total sales, to monitor the transportation route, parking place, parking time and driving speed of the vehicles in real time

the relevant person in charge revealed that during the Spring Festival, it is also illegal for citizens to buy and set off fireworks and firecrackers without the "Yanlong" code anti-counterfeiting logo by using ordinary belts

Shanghai requires that all fireworks and firecrackers entering the Shanghai market will be labeled with electronic labels containing digital signatures from October

compared with RFID technology, code anti-counterfeiting is a popular anti-counterfeiting technology. Code anti-counterfeiting technology is the combination of information coding and anti-counterfeiting printing technology on commodities, and realizes the query on the platform of computer database and network communication, so as to finally achieve the purpose of commodity anti-counterfeiting, fidelity and marketing management. Code anti-counterfeiting technology has the property of data anti-counterfeiting and unforgeability. Every commodity, identifier and password are unique, and the use and query are also one-time. Therefore, it fundamentally eliminates the batch counterfeiting behavior, can ensure the security of passwords, and has the advantages of simple identification and low cost

source: packaging Digest China

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