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Two new models are displayed at the international printing equipment exhibition

at the international printing equipment exhibition held in May 2001, beiren group company will display two new models, namely yp4787i medium-sized newspaper printer and yp4787j web lithography printer

yp4787i medium-sized newspaper printer is the latest shaftless color newspaper printer developed by the fourth printing machinery factory of beiren group company. It can be used for double-sided color newspaper printing, and can also be used for combinations in a variety of different ways, such as 4+1-color, 4+2-color newspaper printing, chromatic printing, multi paper printing and other LCD experimental force, experimental force peak. The transmission system of the whole machine adopts the shaftless transmission system and support technology of mannaesmann company in Germany, and each unit can carry out the work of loading and cleaning independently. The arrangement of rollers adopts H-shaped structure

Yp4787j web lithography machine is a semi commercial printing machine designed and developed to meet the needs of domestic printing plants to print high-quality advertisements, posters, newspaper inserts and other color prints except polyurethane materials. Only in this way can it be more beneficial to the upgrading and transformation of enterprises. It should be used for the printing of newspaper coated paper clips, commercial advertisements, posters and other color printing. The scope of application of the paper is g/m2. The machine is composed of a zero speed paper feeder, a secondary tension unit, four B-B printing units, a drying oven, a cooling unit and a folding machine

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