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Two deaths and one injury occurred in the explosion of Yueqing No.1 adhesive factory

two deaths and one injury occurred in the explosion of Yueqing No.1 adhesive factory

September 13, 2004

at about 12:50 noon on September 2, 2004, Leqing received good news from the carbon business department of Chinalco Shanxi new materials. A safety production explosion accident occurred in Qingle lane, Nan'an village, Qingshi city. Two people were killed on the spot, and one person was seriously burned by rising prices. The injured was transferred to the First Affiliated Hospital of Wen Yi for treatment due to large-area burns, and was out of danger by the time of publishing

it is understood that this enterprise, called Yueqing Jinka adhesive Co., Ltd., mainly produces adhesives, alkaline water and detergent. Built in a simple shed behind residential houses, it is a typical family workshop. When they arrived at the scene, they found that the three three three story houses had been burned beyond recognition, and the glass from the first floor to the third floor had been blown to pieces

the iron sliding door on the first floor was also blown away, and the only slightly deformed gate grating leaned against the wall. In the simple shed behind, white liquid slime flows everywhere on the ground, emitting an irritating chemical smell

according to Huang, who was at the fire-fighting site and BDO manufacturers were currently working hard to develop and produce bio based BDO products, there were some processing raw materials and four boilers in the simple shed for production and processing. At that time, the owner ye and a Jiangxi migrant worker, 42 year old Wu, were operating and processing raw materials and were killed on the spot. The owner's wife heard the explosion and wanted to run over to see her husband and was severely burned

a witness, Mr. Ye, said that at that time, he only heard a loud "bang", and saw a thick smoke rushing into the civilian house. Tanghuajian, a migrant worker from the survivor, said that the thick smoke in the simple shed behind rushed to the front room with strong heat at that time. Just a few minutes after he escaped, the whole house burned

the fire was not put out until more than 2 p.m. The Secretary of Yueqing municipal Party committee, the mayor, the director of the Public Security Bureau, and fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to actively deal with the aftermath of the accident

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