Explosion control scheme of explosive materials in

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Fire and explosive explosion control plan

III. control measures

1. Combined with the actual situation of the project department, the regulations on fire prevention management and the regulations on explosion prevention safety of explosives have been formulated

2. The oil tank containing oil products should be placed underground, and should not be stored in the open air, high temperature, open fire and low-lying ponding places, and there should be no leakage

3. The gas station should be fully enclosed, equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment (subject to the requirements of the fire department), and should not be used until it is checked and qualified by the local fire department

4. Strictly implement the principle of who is in charge and who is responsible. The leader in charge is responsible for organizing the preparation of fire and explosion prevention management plan, implementing organizational structure and post responsibilities and allocating resources under domestic and foreign troubles. And regularly organize fire drills

5. The safety officer shall regularly check the integrity of fire-fighting equipment and make records

6. Make obvious signs and signs

IV. department, person, responsibility and authority

operation level: responsible for supervising and inspecting the implementation of measures and hidden danger disposal results, and reporting to the leaders at this level or higher level

project department: responsible for the emergency ability training of personnel safety knowledge

imitation flocking interior materials can improve the texture of interior materials. Fifth, the implementation control stage:

this management plan runs through the whole process of project construction and production, and belongs to the whole stage management and whole process control

VI. time

start time: February 28, 20XX

completion time: September 30, 20XX

VII. Place

highway pavement reconstruction workers play a decisive role in tension 9. Touch key operation mode accuracy measurement. Contract project Department II

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