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Wang Haifeng attended the 2019 smart Expo to explain that the new generation of artificial intelligence technology promotes industrial intelligence

original title: Wang Haifeng attended the 2019 smart Expo to explain that the new generation of artificial intelligence technology promotes industrial intelligence

at the main forum of the 2019 global artificial intelligence product application Expo, baidu senior vice president Wang Haifeng, director of the National Engineering Laboratory for deep learning technology and application, delivered a keynote speech on "new generation of artificial intelligence technology and application", saying that "the new generation of artificial intelligence technology is increasingly integrated with industry to promote industrial intelligence."

Wang Haifeng is a leader in the research and industrial application of artificial intelligence technology, and enjoys a high reputation in the academic and industrial circles at home and abroad. Baidu AI, led by him, has a comprehensive layout, leading the industry in technical achievements, and has been gradually applied in all walks of life. Therefore, he is evaluated as a scientist who "has a forward-looking vision and is good at combining AI technology with practical applications"

Wang Haifeng said that we are in the fourth wave of industrial revolution with artificial intelligence as the core driver. 2. The main motor source of the experimental machine has electric power. The state attaches great importance to it and believes that artificial intelligence is an important driving force for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution. The United States, the European Union and Japan are also deploying AI to promote the rapid development and application of AI technology from the national strategic level

as a leading AI enterprise with the earliest investment, the strongest technology and the most complete layout in China, baidu maintains a leading edge in the field of AI technology, actively builds an open source and open platform for artificial intelligence, promotes the implementation of applications, and promotes the development of industrial intelligence

under the joint action of data, algorithm and computing power, especially the breakthrough of deep learning, artificial intelligence technology has made great progress

the accuracy of speech recognition continues to improve, surpassing human beings in many scenes. Wang Haifeng showed the "Chinese English free speech" ability of Baidu input method based on Baidu speech recognition technology, which is the only product to realize high-precision Chinese English mixed speech input at present. Speech synthesis has also made great progress. The parallel wavernn model recently launched by Baidu solves the problem that the WaveNet model requires a lot of computing resources, greatly improves the synthesis effect, and can meet the real-time needs of. Combined with microphone array, low-power voice chip, high-precision wake-up, model beam and other technologies, Baidu's leading voice technology is applied to smart homes, vehicle mounted devices, etc. with the combination of software and hardware, it plays a greater and greater value

computer vision technology is also becoming more and more practical, forming a technology matrix suitable for different application scenarios, such as image detection, fine-grained image recognition, image processing, as well as character recognition, face/human recognition, human tracking, video understanding, image generation, etc. For example, "face brushing" technology in access control, payment and other scenes, video understanding technology widely used in iqiyi and other video platforms. Recently, image generation technology, which is widely discussed in the industry, can synthesize the image and sound of human speech. It is based on this technology that "Ai virtual host" can appear on the screen

in terms of cognitive technology, Baidu has established a complete layout of language and knowledge technology, including knowledge map, language understanding, language generation, etc

according to Wang Haifeng, Baidu has built the world's largest multivariate heterogeneous knowledge map. Based on the entity map containing hundreds of millions of entities and hundreds of billions of facts, which can meet the needs of 90% of users, Baidu has established various knowledge maps such as focus map, industry knowledge map, POI map, event map, etc. for different application scenarios and knowledge forms, "The combination of knowledge mapping and deep learning technology will greatly promote the further development of artificial intelligence."

natural language processing technology is also making continuous innovation and breakthroughs. For example, baidu recently released the Ernie model based on knowledge enhancement, which can learn the semantic relationship of the real world by modeling the prior semantic knowledge such as entity concepts in massive data. This knowledge fusion semantic modeling greatly enhances the semantic representation ability of the model, and has achieved better results than Google Bert model on multiple open Chinese datasets for various tasks of natural language processing, including language inference, semantic similarity, named entity recognition, emotion analysis, question and answer matching, etc. Baidu's language and knowledge technology have been widely used in machine translation, intelligent search, intelligent writing and other products

integrated with leading AI technology, users can experience smooth and convenient multimodal interaction. Search the information you want to know by speaking, and the returned answer is accurate and intuitive, which can be heard and seen, and is widely used. Further, integrating voice, vision, knowledge atlas, language understanding and other technologies, the development of AI core technology has entered the stage of "multimodal deep semantic understanding". Taking video semantic understanding based on knowledge map as an example, combined with knowledge map, structural semantic knowledge is extracted from video, correlated and calculated to form a structured understanding of video

based on the complete technical layout and leading AI core technology, Baidu has built a full system and rich functions of artificial intelligence. Basically, every city has our machine intelligence open source open platform, including open source algorithm and data, open general and customized AI capabilities, open hardware platform, end deployment platform, privatization deployment platform, etc., so as to support third-party services and industry applications. Among them, the deep learning framework, connected to chips and large computing clusters, and connected to various business models and industry applications, is particularly important, which is equivalent to the "operating system in the intelligent era". Baidu has created the only complete and complete in-depth learning platform paddlepaddle in China. Through a complete set of frameworks and services, including the core framework, tool components and the service platform, which generally has strict provisions on sample preparation and experimental methods in these standards, it helps developers and enterprises to further reduce the threshold of in-depth learning applications and promote industrial intelligent reform by using the tool based and platform based methods

different industries are applying AI technology to improve quality and efficiency and accelerate the process of intellectualization. For example, baidu map realizes route planning and time estimation based on deep learning technology to facilitate users' travel. In depth learning is applied to detect the changes of land for major national projects, assist the government to effectively manage and control the use of land resources, and make AI technology beneficial to the country and the people. In the steel industry, the intelligent ladle management system based on deep learning prediction, big data analysis and image recognition realizes the real-time collection, analysis and processing of operating temperature, pressure and other data, and helps steel enterprises promote the intellectualization and automation of ladle management

the new generation of artificial intelligence technology is booming. It has gradually changed people's production and lifestyle, and is increasingly combined with traditional industries to promote the sustainable development of industrial intelligence. Wang Haifeng said that Baidu will continue to promote artificial intelligence to play a greater value and contribute to the promotion of national socio-economic development and intelligent upgrading of all walks of life

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