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Wang Zhigang went to the national tire engineering center to guide the work. On September 5, Wang Zhigang, Secretary of the party leading group and vice minister of the Ministry of science and technology, Wu Yuanbin, director of the general office, Xu Jianpei, director of the policy and regulation department, Xu Jianguo, director of the Innovation Office, Zhao Yuhai, director of the high tech department, and Xu Heping, director of the research office, led a delegation to the national tire process and Control Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") to guide the work

the executive deputy director of the center and nearly 45 guests visited the Great Wall Motors Xushui exhibition hall and the chairman of the production line soft control Co., Ltd. yuanzhongxue introduced the basic situation of the center's supporting units to Wang Zhigang and his delegation, and reported the scientific research achievements of the whole series of radial tire equipment, tire life cycle management system, RFID electronic tags for tires and special readers, as well as the future planning of the center

the picture shows yuan Zhongxue introducing the center to Wang Zhigang and other leaders

Wang Zhigang's vulnerable parts 2: Banka Gang inspected the Key Laboratory of the center, listened carefully to the relevant work reports, and affirmed the results achieved in the three years of operation of the center. He pointed out that the center went in the right direction. He stressed that the platform of the national tire process and control engineering technology research center was well utilized. It gathered a large number of scientific and technological personnel, created a new system and mechanism, and formed a model of industry university research. Through this system and mechanism, the three main bodies of industry university research were linked together, truly integrated into a main body, interests together, entities together, and the final results together

the picture shows Wang Zhigang's investigation of the central laboratory

Wang Zhigang further pointed out that how colleges and universities should be combined with industry and economy, how college teachers should be combined with enterprises, research and development centers and enterprises, and how to encourage college teachers to go out of colleges and universities and establish scientific and technological innovation enterprises themselves are also topics worthy of in-depth study at the national level

Zhang Xinqi, deputy secretary and mayor of Qingdao municipal Party committee, Zhang Dekuan, Deputy Secretary General of Shandong provincial government, Wang Guangzheng, member of the Standing Committee of Qingdao municipal Party committee and deputy mayor of Qingdao in the past 40 years, Zhai Luning, director of Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology, and other relevant provincial and municipal leaders and experts

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