Explosion in a paint factory in Guangzhou

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An explosion occurred in a paint factory in Guangzhou

an explosion occurred in a paint factory in Guangzhou

October 12, 2004

at about 1:30 p.m. on October 11, a fire broke out in the workshop of Guangzhou Dajian wood industry comprehensive Co., Ltd. (Taiwan funded) located in Guangxin Road, Wenchong street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. The fire will detonate many paint barrels placed on the second floor of the workshop, and a Sichuan worker who did not escape from the workshop was killed on the spot. Then, the fire devoured the workshop, and the workers were burned to the surface. Mold temperature: after the thermoplastic melt was injected into the mold cavity, there was nothing but bones on site. After the incident, Lin chuguo, director of Guangzhou Public Security Fire Bureau, personally came to the scene to direct the fire fighting. The fire department dispatched a total of 18 fire engines to fight the fire. The fire was extinguished at 2:24 p.m

according to the relevant person of the Municipal Public Security Fire Bureau, Guangzhou Dajian wood industry comprehensive Co., Ltd., which was involved in the fire, is a local cooperative enterprise with Taiwan businessmen. It was founded in 1993. Its main products are wooden furniture, with a construction area of 9980 square meters, all of which are simple iron houses. The location of the fire is the sample workshop on the second floor, with an area of 350 square meters

yanghuaping, a worker in the sample workshop at the time of the fire, said that at about 1:50 p.m. that day, he suddenly heard that the middle of the east side of the workshop was tightened in time; With the sound of "bang, bang", it was found that a fire suddenly ignited on the east side, and the fire soon spread to the whole workshop. Pu Chengguang (male), a worker who was helping in the sample workshop at that time, was unfortunately swallowed up by the fire. It is understood that Pu Chengguang, 37, from Pengxi County, Sichuan Province, has been working here for four or five years with a monthly salary of about 700 yuan. He usually works as a handyman in the company, and his wife also works in the company

it was seen at the scene that all the sample workshops on the second floor of the plant had been incinerated, and the roof of the workshop was completely burned, leaving only empty wooden frames. Many finished furniture products at the scene have been packed for shipment. Fortunately, the timely rescue did not cause greater losses. The workshop of the company is very simple, the raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products are placed in disorder, and the wires are also pulled and set up disorderly. In a warehouse on the first floor, some wires were even laid directly on the wooden board of the ceiling. The person in charge of Guangzhou public security fire bureau pointed out that this shows that the company's usual fire safety work is not perfect

witnessed at the scene

the workers returned to the fire site to take things and were burned to white bones

the factory on fire is a Taiwan funded enterprise, which has a history of more than 10 years in the local area. According to a Hunan worker of the factory, black smoke billowed into the sky when the factory caught fire, reaching more than 30 meters. The cooperation between the two sides continued to deepen. A resident of Wenchong village said that one of the important tasks was to overcome the high-throughput characterization detection technology explosion soon after the fire, and the whole residential building was shaking. After the fire broke out, 18 fire engines rushed to the scene to put out the fire, and more than 300 residents and migrant workers nearby were watching outside the scene

a female worker said that when the workers found the workshop on fire, they screamed and fled the workshop, but a Sichuan worker did not escape, but returned to rush to the workshop on the second floor to get back the working tools. Then, the fire detonated many paint barrels stacked on the second floor, and people heard a huge explosion. The workshop on the second floor was instantly swallowed by the fire

according to the firefighters who entered the scene, the dead workers were estimated to have been killed in the workshop first, and then burned by the fire. After the fire was extinguished, the firefighters entered the workshop on the second floor and found that the worker's whole body had been burned beyond recognition. He could not recognize his appearance, but only saw his bones exposed outside

when leaving the scene, nearly 30 male and female workers were still squatting at the door of the lumber factory, and the police were taking notes one by one. It is reported that these workers are all workers who lost the train room. After the fire, the police asked the person in charge of the factory to retrieve all the workers and investigate the cause of the fire. As for the cause of the fire, some workers said it was caused by the careless operation of the workers, but the specific results need further investigation by the police

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