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Wang Zhaoming dispatched Anxiang paper-making enterprises to guide the exit work

red time on November 20 - on the morning of November 19, Wang Zhaoming, deputy secretary of Anxiang county Party committee and head of Anxiang County, Hunan Province, successively came to Hengxin paper, Zhongxin paper, Hongsheng paper, Guihua paper and other places to dispatch the county's paper-making enterprises to guide the exit work in Organizational Engineering

Hengxin and Zhongxin paper enterprises have withdrawn from production. Wang Zhaoming carefully inspected Zhiyuan to understand the safety production and ecological environment protection of the two film tensile testing machines after the withdrawal of the controller enterprises, and handed over the problems found on the spot

when he came to Hongsheng paper and Guihua paper, Wang Zhaoming carefully inspected the base, took HT20 (4) 0 gray cast iron, looked at the plant environment, understood the current production and sales situation, communicated face-to-face with the person in charge of the enterprise, conveyed the spirit of the meeting to guide the paper enterprises in Dongting Lake District to exit the work, and showed the determination of Anxiang to implement the decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government

Wang Zhaoming pointed out that guiding the paper-making enterprises in Dongting Lake area to withdraw is an important measure for the special ecological management of Dongting Lake. The Anxiang county Party committee and government will resolutely implement it and will not waver and shrink back. The person in charge of each enterprise should have a sense of the overall situation, actively respond and cooperate, make relevant plans in advance, and exit in an orderly manner according to the time node; Relevant units and local Party committees and governments should attach great importance to it, perform their duties in accordance with the law, help enterprises clear the bottom line, implement safety production and ecological environment protection while promoting the withdrawal of paper enterprises, and ensure the successful completion of the task of guiding the withdrawal of paper enterprises in the county

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