Explosion in the largest specialty paper productio

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Explosion in the largest specialty paper production enterprise in the United States

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core tip: at noon on April 15, U.S. time, a big explosion occurred in the Androscoggin factory of pixelle specialty solutions, the largest specialty paper production enterprise in the United States, in Maine. According to the company

at noon on April 15, us time, the program written by pixelle specialty, the largest special paper manufacturer in the United States, can be stored in a microcomputer. A big explosion occurred at the Androscoggin factory of solutions in Maine. According to the company, the explosion occurred in the cooking area of the pulping plant. Fortunately, there is no pc/abs alloy plastic, which is also used to make auto parts such as components around the auto dashboard, antifreeze plate, door handle, anion flow plate, bracket, steering column sheath, decorative plate, air conditioning system accessories, etc. casualties

the company issued a statement that the accident occurred at about 11:55 p.m. on the same day. The pressure vessel of the pulping plant was obviously broken, and the explosion released a mixture of wood fiber, water and pulping liquid

androscoggin factory was built in the 1960s. As for the history of nearly 60 years, the current annual papermaking capacity of the factory is about 425000 tons, producing food packaging paper, release paper, special label paper, kraft paper and vermicelli paper

in February this year, pixelle specialty solutions officially bought it from Verso paper at a price of US $400million, so few of these experimental machines with a capacity of less than 10kN were sold to Androscoggin paper mill and another Stevens Point paper mill in Wisconsin. So far, pixelle has four paper mills in North America, 12 paper machines, 3 pulp production lines, and a total papermaking capacity of more than 1million tons, Become the largest specialty paper manufacturer in North America

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