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Wang Xiaoqiu: I saw some sparks in the cold of the automotive industry

interview with Phoenix auto. On March 29, the new plus was officially listed in the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. When Wang Xiaoqiu, vice president of the group, general manager of the passenger car company and director of the technology center, announced that the new car would be reduced by 20000 yuan on the basis of the manufacturer's guidance price (Note: before June 30, 2019, the actual payment price was 60..98000 yuan), there was continuous applause at the press conference site, Cheers also came from the back row

"this pricing is too hard, and we want to kill the joint venture brand!" Many media attending the press conference made such exclamations. Indeed, as soon as it was listed, the official reduction of 20000 yuan was unprecedented. It was really a bit of a fight to the death. In addition to the price, the strength of the product itself is not bad. I6 plus has been comprehensively upgraded in six aspects: appearance, comfort, interconnection, power, safety and quality, providing consumers with the choice of the best product price ratio at the same level

after the decline in 2018, China's auto market is still not slowing down in the first quarter of 2019, and all manufacturers are facing unprecedented pressure. As the head of passenger cars, Wang Xiaoqiu has repeatedly shouted "live". In his opinion, the market is not good, so we should be more confident. The premise is to have "good products and good prices". The brand-new plus is such a product. It is also directly reduced by 20000 yuan for comprehensive upgrading, that is to "see some sparks in the cold of the automotive industry"

in two weeks' time, 2019 Shanghai aluminum forgings will become the new favorite auto show in the auto manufacturing industry. Choosing to launch the new plus at this time point is not only to have confidence in the product, but also to give a fire to the dealer partners. Just now, it was the dealers ignited by this fire who cheered. In the past period of time, the dealers of passenger cars felt unprecedented pressure. Although the i5 launched last year had a good market performance, the I6, the first one to face the competition of joint venture brands, fell significantly

Zhang Juehui, the group's chief passenger vehicle engineer and executive deputy director of the technology center from the "father of Langyi" to the "father of I6", learned that at the beginning of the development, the concept of 131 MQB platforms of new material investment projects in Shandong Province was referred to, and an advanced platform belonging to the Chinese people was developed. Many improvements have been made on the new plus. 2. For materials with high hardness, the most important thing is to improve the quality. Even according to the standards of German Volkswagen, there is no big gap between the new plus and languish. Passenger cars should be used to create the "German quality" of the Chinese people

engineering and technical personnel have their own ideals, and they will always show a perceptual side in the process of building cars. However, as the leader, Wang Xiaoqiu must be rational, responsible for the market and consumers. He completely denied Zhang Juehui's original platform (a Architecture) because he did not consider the cost, users and market at that time. "If you can't meet the needs of users and face the market, this platform will have no value." After the reinvention, the current platform target is between Volkswagen a+ and B-class, which is what consumers need and the largest market

Wang Xiaoqiu also believes that although the market environment in 2019 is bad and the downward pressure is great, the state has taken corresponding measures to reduce the tax rate of automobile manufacturing industry from the original 16% to 13%, in the hope that the price of automobiles will fall, coupled with a series of loan support for private enterprises, so that state-owned enterprises and private enterprises can survive together. In that sentence, with money in the hands of ordinary people, China's economy can develop more healthily and stably, and the automobile market will also pick up

"China is currently the world's largest auto producer and consumer, and will become the world's largest auto exporter in the future." Wang Xiaoqiu said that now, regardless of technology, performance or design, the popularity and reputation of Chinese brands overseas have significantly improved. Through the competition with Korean models, we can see that our products are equivalent to Korean models, and the price is 2% to 3% cheaper

the competitive advantage of Chinese brands over joint venture brands (international brands) also includes human resources. China's automotive industry is on the road of the new four modernizations. Many articles have introduced it before, especially electrification and intelligent integration, which have taken the lead in the world. On the back is the advantage of the number of Chinese talents. "China has nearly 8million college students who graduate in a year, at least 4million in science and engineering. We choose the best talents, and 20% of them are 800000." no other country or region in the world except the United States has such strength. The development route of the whole automobile industry has explained the route of talent competition, and China will have great advantages in the software driven hardware industry

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