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Wang Ketao: interpret the spirit of craftsmanship with action

Abstract: supercritical high temperature and high pressure process valves are widely used in the power industry, but the product size produced by ordinary lathes is not easy to be consistent, and the output value is also low, and only about 40 pieces can be produced a day

the company introduces advanced equipment, which needs someone to be able to use. He volunteered to buy relevant books and consult information on the Internet. Despite the tiredness of working during the day, he insisted on studying until 12 o'clock every night. Everything comes to him who waits. Now, he can skillfully use the company's advanced equipment such as machining centers and heart walkers

usually, he pays attention to the study of professional knowledge and the accumulation of practical experience. Through self-study, he can use MasterCAM software programming and simple use of AutoCAD, and use the software programming with machine tools to solve many practical problems, which won everyone's praise

his name is Wang Ketao, a CNC programmer of Jiangsu Jingwei valve industry Co., Ltd., and he is 35 years old this year. "Wang Ketao optimized products and increased output value through innovation, and interpreted the craftsman spirit of the new era with his own actions." Tangnaiwei, the director of the company's workshop, praised Wang Ketao so much

Tang Naiwei told that Wang Ketao came into contact with CNC lathes when he worked in Suzhou in 2005. Through hard study and practice, he mastered the operation skills of CNC lathes. In October, 2011, Wang Ketao became a member of Jiangsu Jingwei valve industry Co., Ltd. When he first came, he couldn't grind knives and drill bits by hand, but he didn't want to fall behind. He kept practicing after work and soon mastered the relevant technology

Zhou Zhongyong, general manager of Jiangsu Jingwei valve industry Co., Ltd., told that natural balloon valves had always depended on imports. Some enterprises in our county wanted to produce this product, but they suffered from the lack of technology. Under the leadership of Wang Ketao, the company's scientific research team finally found a suitable new material through repeated tests for half a year, overcoming the technical problems of large product torque, easy seal leakage and low sealing surface finish. "In the past, the service life of this product was only 300 times, but now it can be used more than 10000 times, which greatly meets the needs of customers." Zhou Zhongyong said that at present, the company's products have been recognized by the industry and can completely replace imported products

supercritical high temperature and high pressure process valves are widely used in the power industry, but the product sizes produced by ordinary lathes are not easy to be consistent, and the output value is also low. Only about 40 pieces can be produced a day. Wang Ketao creatively applied software programming to the product production process, and all production processes were completed on the CNC lathe. He optimized the jigs and fixtures to maintain the consistency of products. With the help of time and place, he increased the output value, and could produce about 140 pieces a day. "The supercritical valves produced by our company will face the major pillar industries in Dongguan to collect targeted information on the demand for new special metal materials. High temperature and high pressure process valves can completely replace imported products. This product is not only exported abroad, but also we have signed a OEM agreement with a company in the United States." Tang Naiwei introduced that Wang Ketao's improvement of the fixture overcame the centrifugal problem when the spindle was rotating, and made the finish of the welding groove at both ends meet the requirements of the valve design; It overcomes the problem of concentricity of secondary clamping and ensures the sealing performance of the product. It took half a year from conception to production of tooling and fixture, and it took a year from trial to success to operate the production process on the CNC lathe, and the use of bio based raw materials; On the other hand, we are promoting products with higher performance. At present, the process is still being optimized. Drilling on the process valve used to take 10 minutes to complete with an ordinary drill, but now it takes only 2 minutes with a new drill

it is understood that the card produced by the ordinary lathe judges whether the displacement control accuracy of the actuator is suitable for the set of products according to the calculated displacement. In the past, users often complained about leaks. In order to overcome this shortcoming of products, Jiangsu Jingwei valve industry Co., Ltd. bought equipment, materials and experts, which cost a lot and took many detours, but the effect was not ideal. "Through computer programming, I choose the right tool to keep the path of cutting consistent, and the product finally meets the specified requirements." According to Wang Ketao, at present, the qualified rate of the series of card sets produced by the company is more than 98.5%, which is completely comparable to the products of world-famous companies. The company's products have been recognized by a company in the United States as a fixed supplier of the company's ferrule products

Wang Ketao said that in order to meet the needs of the market, each of us should constantly improve ourselves. The boss of the company often encourages us that as long as we work together, there are no problems that cannot be solved. Only when the company gives us a platform can we have a chance to develop, so we should be careful and patient in our work and face difficulties

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