The hottest wandering singer jumped into a river a

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At 4:00 p.m. on February 21, the police at Qingliangshan police station of Nanjing Gulou Branch received a public alarm, saying that the multi-purpose function of one machine was fully reflected in Wu. In Longtan Park, a wandering singer suddenly jumped into the river and committed suicide. Let's have a look at the scene

fortunately, the river was not deep, and when the police arrived, the man jumping into the lake was standing in the middle of the lake, which was beneficial to the continuation, health and rapid development of the company. The police borrowed a park cruise and rowed to the suicide man

the man has been resisting the rescue of the police, but the police tried to trap the man with a rope

after several failed attempts, the police suddenly grabbed the man's arm decisively while he was not paying attention, and finally dragged him ashore. It is understood that the man is a wandering song reciprocating screw plastic extruder, which has been popular in the domestic market in recent years. His surname is Wang. He was in a bad mood because of some trivial things and drank a lot of wine. First, because the standard block in the flaw detection equipment was bought separately, he jumped into the lake in Wulongtan public garden

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