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Cohen mobile water bar kn-102 has broken through 10000 units in less than three days, and has become a bright star for Cohen to rise to the full market. What is the difference between it and traditional water purification equipment? To be highly sought after by consumers in such a short time, let's follow Xiaobian to learn about many highlights of mobile water bar

as we all know, the traditional water purifier can only be installed in the kitchen due to the limitation of water source. In areas without water sources such as offices and living rooms, the drinking water demand can only be solved by barreled water or bottled water that is very easy to breed bacteria, while Cohen mobile water bar kn-102 overturns the traditional design and easily solves the problem of water source restriction. Daily drinking water can be produced by simply filling the water tank with water. And the scope of use is not limited by any environment or space. The kitchen, living room, bedroom, study, office and other areas can be used, which truly demonstrates the flexible and convenient health concept and meets the drinking water needs of different environments

at the beginning of the design of Cohen mobile water bar kn-102, considering that the traditional water purification equipment must be connected to the water source by pipeline, and the problem of water leakage caused by excessive water pressure during use, the internal special high-frequency welding integrated waterway design is used to carry a water tank with a volume of only 5L, which effectively eliminates the disadvantages of water leakage and truly realizes no potential safety hazards. Not only that, the mobile water bar takes environmental protection and energy conservation as the concept, breaking the limitation that when the traditional water purifier produces water, the wastewater is discharged in a ratio of 1:2, causing a large amount of water waste, and realizing the sustainable and renewable ecological recycling treatment of water production.

at present, the vast majority of RO water purifiers in the market adopt the design of external pressure bucket to store purified water. This also gives many undesirable manufacturers an opportunity to take advantage of. Although the interior of the pressure barrel is vacuum designed, the inner layer made of unqualified materials during production will cause secondary pollution and pose a threat to life and health. Cohen mobile water bar kn-102 is portable, with a modular pressure free bucket design, 250ml frequency water output, and ready to drink, completely eliminating secondary pollution and ensuring the health of drinking water

in the era of increasingly competitive consumption, Cohen appliance has faded its large and comprehensive, coarse and empty marketing concept and packaging, focused on developing substantive products that meet market and consumer needs, and provided users with a higher quality of life. The confidence comes from the excellent product quality and good user experience. Zhaohanbin, the marketing director of Cohen, solemnly promises that the products of Cohen mobile water bar series will be returned unconditionally if they are not satisfied after 30 days of use, so as to truly achieve after-sales care





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