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Oubao intelligent lock integrates the "craftsman spirit" of excellence and perfection into every link, and makes high-quality intelligent lock products that move people's hearts

it is another year of "March 15" and "consumer protection" has become a hot spot again. In a modern society where efficiency is paramount, costs are reduced and benefits are maximized, March 15 is not only a comprehensive "review" of product quality and services, but also a touchstone for enterprises and brands. In this special day, cracking down on counterfeits is only a temporary solution. What is more needed is to "support the truth" after "cracking down on counterfeits". Improving product quality is the fundamental for the survival and development of enterprises. This requires enterprises to constantly inherit and revere a consistent acme and innovation - craftsman spirit. She is a kind of spirit born from the heart, a kind of stubborn persistence, and the foundation of the Chinese nation, which is gentle and sincere. She relies on cultural resonance to convey, endows products with emotion and humanistic feelings, and makes every ingenious work no longer "cold"

in recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly, and "made in China" has gradually changed into "made in China". Behind this is the extreme and dedication of thousands of craftsmen, who have given each work fresh life and made it shine on the world stage; They use time to conquer time and polish handed down works that are not afraid of the passage

in this regard, oubao Security Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of ingenuity and entrepreneurial growth experience, which is undoubtedly the best proof. Paying great attention to details, constantly pursuing perfection and acme, and giving consumers an impeccable experience are the ideal pursuit of all oubao employees in respect of their careers, dedication to work, and responsible attitude towards products. Oubao people deeply know that only by integrating the "craftsman spirit" of excellence and pursuit of perfection into every link can we make high-quality intelligent lock products that move people's hearts

a good product or brand is a kind of "temperament" distributed by the enterprise from the inside out. This temperament stems from the numerous tempering of craftsmen and the wide recognition of customers all over the world. Oubao provides door closers, fingerprint locks, password locks, electric door closers, intelligent locks and other products to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and provides a variety of door control solutions for different industries. Its products and solutions have been widely used in many projects of great significance, such as the solemn Great Hall of the people in Beijing, Peking University, the holy land of modern talent transmission, the world-renowned Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower, Shanghai Aquarium and so on. Oubao holds high the flag of "national craftsmanship quality" with strength, and waves the flag to cheer for China's "quality"

oubao's confidence in quality comes from the advantages of the industrial chain of integrated production, from R & D and design to mold manufacturing. Oubao always insists on basing itself on the market with good quality, devotes its efforts to every product, carefully carves every detail, and treats every consumer with an honest attitude. Regardless of the ups and downs of the world, we will keep our place in the torrent of the times and provide thousands of families with a higher quality experience of intelligent door control products

times are changing, and the needs of users are also changing. Quality management is a process of continuous improvement, especially for oubao. Oubao, which started with door closers, is committed to patenting technology, standardizing patents, and constantly improving the quality management system. In order to conform to international standards in quality management, as early as 1988, oubao took the lead in establishing product testing laboratories and laboratories in China. At the same time, it introduces international advanced management mode and technical equipment, and strictly complies with American Standard, European standard, UL, ul10 C national standard designs, manufactures and tests gated products, making oubao's product quality reach the international level

oubao takes the lead in innovative quality management. Oubao takes customers as the center, establishes a comprehensive quality management system, and strictly implements it in every link. Carry out business training from time to time to ensure the technical quality of front-line personnel, so that each employee knows the quality requirements clearly and has a basis for implementation

after more than 30 years of dedicated research and development, as well as meticulous refinement in products, oubao has constantly improved itself. At the same time, oubao is also actively responding to the call of the state to gradually shift from traditional door control to intelligent door control industry. Since entering the field of intelligent locks in 2002, oubao has been continuously increasing investment in research and development and continuously committed to technological innovation. It now has more than 150 invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights and so on. Oubao's modern interpretation of "craftsman spirit" is its investment in sophisticated technology and its diligent pursuit of high-quality products and services

although "quality" will become popular on March 15 every year, for oubao, it is March 15 every day. Oubao will, as always, adhere to improving the quality of products and services, and while leading the development of the industry, provide consumers with more and better products and services, so that more consumers can harvest reassuring and comfortable products




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