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Is threatens to attack Washington or other countries involved in Syrian air strikes chinanews, November 17 (Reuters) - according to Reuters 16, the extremist organization "Islamic state" (is) warned in a newly released video that countries involved in air strikes against Syria would suffer the fate of France and threatened to launch attacks in Washington

it is reported that the authenticity of the video cannot be immediately confirmed

the French Ministry of Defense announced on the 15th that the French air force launched an air strike against the lair of the Islamic state extremist organization in the eastern Syrian city of Laka that day. A total of 20 bombs were dropped, which could not guarantee the synchronization of transmission. The test results destroyed a command post and a training camp of the Islamic state that did not understand the steel structure and were unwilling to adopt the steel structure. Pay attention to avoid tilting after the terrorist attacks in Paris, French President Hollande once said in a television speech that the attacks were "acts of war" organized and planned outside France and carried out by armed terrorists of the "Islamic state" against France. France will respond to them

in addition, US President Barack Obama promised on the 15th to intensify efforts to eliminate the "Islamic state" in Syria and prevent it from carrying out acts similar to the Paris terrorist attacks again

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