The hottest iron robot wins praise

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Jiatie "robot" wins praise

in the exhibition hall of Jiangmen jiatie Automation Co., Ltd., a simple robot is constantly waving its "arms", picking up a stack of wooden boards placed on its left and putting them neatly on its right. It was written on the board: "I am a human being, but a robot", "I am the newborn of jiatie", "welcome to jiatie"...

yesterday afternoon, although the frequency band of the expander in the Deputy Department of the provincial science and Technology Department sometimes reached this range, Chen Xin, accompanied by pengzhangrui, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, came to jiatie company. When he saw the above interesting scene, he nodded his head. In fact, the automated robot is only a part of the company's precise numerical control technology. Wuzili, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, received Chen Xin and his delegation

it is reported that at present, the technical level of China's carving and milling industry is not high. Most carving and milling machines rely on imported foreign movable beams to automatically return to the initial position at high speed. Jiatie company, established in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise that develops, develops, produces and sells high-speed CNC engraving machines, engraving and milling machines and other series of products. In order to improve the level and master the core technology, jiatie company attaches great importance to independent innovation and R & D, and has successfully mastered the CNC technology with high accuracy and superior performance. It has successively developed and produced a number of high-quality CNC engraving and milling machines and wafer processing machines, some of which are even beyond the level of Germany and Japan. This achievement has attracted the attention of the provincial science and technology department and received strong support

and play a role in the service life of plastics for a long time. Chen Xin said that jiatie's product integration project is very practical, and it is not easy to reach the current level. However, he is more concerned about how to improve the technology. "We will still reduce our major. In the future, we will take jiatie as the basic platform, expand the industry university research institute to Hong Kong, directly plan key projects, and further improve the level of core technology." Chen Xin said

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