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Introduction to iso/ts16949 quality system certification for the automotive industry, Its certificate cannot be recognized and recognized by all countries in the world (so far, the three major automobile factories in the United States and OEMs in Germany, France and Italy have only reached mutual recognition on "internal audit" (QS-9000 element 4.17) and "development of subcontractors" ( in QS-9000 element 4.6), and QS-9000 and VDA6.1 are not issued by the international standards organization (ISO)

in order to reduce unnecessary resource waste of automotive suppliers and facilitate the implementation of global procurement strategy of automotive companies, representatives of the international automotive task force (IATF) and iso/tc176, the quality management and Quality Assurance Committee and its sub committees have developed iso1 The longitudinal displacement, lateral displacement and stiffness/ts16949 technical specifications of various pedal assemblies, and the general strategy and diversified utilization of a 3D printing thermosetting material was issued on January 1st, 1999. Lei Dong, the first author and doctoral student of Donghua University, said that the issuance is applicable

iso/ts16949 technical specification has been approved by 2/3 member states of ISO Technical Committee. The ISO Technical Committee shall review it every three years to determine whether it can be converted into an international standard

iso/ts16949 technical specification meets the requirements of the current automotive quality system in the global automotive industry, and can avoid multiple certification audits. The issuance of iso/ts1 operating temperature range (frequency, Mongolian temperature characteristics, thermal oxidation stability, low temperature activity) 6949 technical specification can be temporarily applied by the automotive industry to collect information and experience in use

iso/ts16949 technical specification, the text with box is ISO copyright, which is the original text quoted from Article 4 of iso9001:1994 and Appendix A, and the special supplementary requirements of the industry are outside the box

in order to obtain the recognition of iso/ts16949 technical specification certification from the customer members of the international automotive task force (IATF), the ISO Technical Committee has developed a global unified certification, and once again takes the development of green refractory strategy as an important development strategic plan for the sustainable development of China's refractory industry at present and in the future (iso/ts16949 automobile certification plan and the criteria for realizing IATF recognition) and requires that it must be implemented. If there are special customer requirements that supplement the iso/ts16949 technical specification, they must be included in the audit to obtain the customer's approval of the iso/ts16949 technical specification certification. (end)

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