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Iso/tc122/sc4 Technical Committee on packaging and environment held a plenary meeting in Sweden

the formulation of international standards for packaging and environment was launched

15. The experiment of wire rod changing experimental machine was completed

a series of international standards will be formulated to optimize the resource consumption and packaging recovery of packaging production. At the first international conference held in Stockholm not long ago, more than 70 representatives from 15 countries who could not make extensive use of their homes decided to start the project. The Swedish Standards Association SIS maintains close cooperation with sac and presides over the work of the Secretariat. As the International Secretariat of iso/tc122/sc4 and the domestic technical counterpart, China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute led the Chinese delegation to attend the meeting as a p member (active member). The impact of packaging on the environment has been widely discussed in the world. Companies, consumers, environmental groups and officials have their own views and agendas on this issue. The ISO international standard for packaging and environment will provide a common reference standard for the development of international trade

the meeting adopted seven international standard proposals, including the requirements for the use of ISO standards for packaging and environment, the optimization of simultaneous packaging and environmental packaging system, packaging reuse, packaging material recycling, packaging energy recovery, packaging chemical recovery, and packaging organic recovery, and determined the appointment of the chairman, the establishment of liaison organizations The establishment and division of labor of the working group and the arrangement of the next meeting finally formed 12 meeting resolutions. With regard to the establishment of the working group, the general assembly finally determined that the requirements for the use of ISO standards for packaging and environment of the working group (WG1) should be undertaken by China as the project leader and the convener of the working group; The re-use of the working group (WG3) is jointly undertaken by China and South Korea, and Chinese and South Korean experts serve as the convener of the working group and the project leader respectively

Anders Linde, chairman of iso/tc122/sc4 Technical Committee on packaging and environment, said that it is urgent to provide guidelines and standards on how to minimize resource consumption while maintaining packaging performance and how to recycle used packaging. In addition, a harmonious international packaging standard will be an important tool to promote the free circulation of products and international trade. These standards will be developed on the basis of existing European standards and Asian guidelines, and give guidance on the resource efficiency of packaging design and how to recycle used packaging. The suggested recovery methods are: reuse, material recycling, energy recovery, chemical recovery and organic recovery

this series of work plans will be carried out under the new ISO sub Technical Committee iso/tc122/sc4 packaging and environment. SIS is the main Secretariat, sac is the Joint Secretariat, China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute is the undertaking unit of the Joint Secretariat, China International Secretariat and domestic technical counterparts. The representative countries are China, the United States, Japan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. At the Stockholm meeting, the convener and project leader of each standard have been elected. Now, a working group will be formed and experts will be recruited to start the formulation of the standard

the conference discussed China's proposal at the Belgian conference to host the 2010 SC4 plenary working group meeting in Beijing, which was unanimously adopted by all delegates. It was determined that the iso/tc122/sc4 plenary working group meeting would be held in Beijing in the first half of next year, and the SC4 conference would also be held at the same time. It is preliminarily determined that the meeting will be held from May 31 to June 4, 2010, including the working group meeting and the plenary meeting from June 1 to 4. The complete proposal of packaging and environmental standards should be completed by the end of 2010; The final standard should be published in 2012

after the formal establishment of the working group, the work of collecting experts will start immediately. Experts from various countries will apply to the ISO member units of that country. After the member units register the experts in the ISO system, they will become the formal experts of the working group and participate in the work. Chinese state-owned enterprises and institutions can apply to the National Standardization Administration Committee (SAC) to register experts

the General Assembly reached an agreement on taking the EU harmonized standards and the Asian guidelines for environmentally conscious packaging as the basic documents for ISO standard formulation. The representative of European packaging and environment organization Europen also introduced some relevant activities on packaging and environment carried out by the international community, building a broader information platform for the participants

during the meeting, China and Switzerland also made further consultations on the specific work division scheme of the Joint Secretariat. The two sides exchanged views, laying a good cooperation foundation for better carrying out the work of the Joint Secretariat in the future. The Chinese delegation also visited the Swedish Standards Association (SIS) and the innocentia R & D company, and listened to the basic information of the two organizations. 3. The Chinese delegation took the specially designed direct angular position converter, combined with the high-resolution photoelectric encoder and the subdivided electrical apparatus to measure the displacement of the oil cylinder, and learned about the development process of the Swedish Standards Association (SIS) in standardization work and the development of innocentia R & D company in paper, environmental protection materials Packaging inspection and R & D. The Chinese side also introduced to Switzerland the development of China's packaging industry and the implementation of China's packaging and environmental standardization, which enhanced the understanding, communication and exchange between China and Switzerland on environmental standardization, and laid a foundation for future cooperation in the field of packaging and environment

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