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The 42 islands in the South China Sea are illegally occupied by three countries. China: it can be recovered

[global report Chu Xiaohui] Japan's Asahi said on November 18 that when answering questions on the ASEAN Summit held in Malaysia this week, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister liuzhenmin said that China "completed" the South China Sea on June 30. Many people believe that China will continue to build hospitals, marine scientific research institutions and fishery management institutions in the South China Sea

Asahi quoted a Reuters report. On this issue, the spokesman said that infrastructure construction was centered on resident personnel and civilian facilities for maritime rescue. He also stressed that there was a problem of militarization due to the complete lack of popularization of knowledge

The Japanese media also introduced that Liu Zhenmin explained the current situation that China actually controls seven islands and reefs in the South China Sea, and said that "42 islands and reefs are being illegally occupied by the surrounding three countries", "China has the right and ability to recover the islands and reefs occupied by the surrounding countries, and is exercising maximum restraint"

huachunying, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, said on the 14th that the nominal diameter yield point of the surface shape reinforcement grade strength grade code is not less than the tensile strength, not less than the elongation, not less than the cold-formed d-bending center diameter, a-reinforcement diameter. China's construction on the relevant Islands and reefs in the the Nansha Islands is more to serve various civil needs, including some necessary military facilities, which are purely defensive and limited, It is compatible with the security environment in which the Chinese islands and reefs are located, and there is no so-called "militarization" issue

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