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In mid December, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the isocyanate (mdi/tdi) industry access conditions (hereinafter referred to as the access conditions), requiring that the initial scale of a single set of newly-built MDI devices must reach 300000 tons/year and above, and the initial scale of a single set of newly-built TDI devices must reach 150000 tons/year and above. Zhangliyang, chemical analyst of Everbright Securities, believes that the new threshold is good for listed companies

new entry threshold considering environmental protection

entry conditions set a new entry threshold for the mdi/tdi industry in terms of industrial layout, scale process and equipment, raw material and power consumption, safety, health and environmental protection, etc. The main contents include: the new or expanded isocyanate project shall be constructed in the chemical industry park, and the project site selection shall comply with the overall land use planning of the region; In order to meet the national requirements for energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources and realize reasonable economies of scale, the initial scale of a single set of newly-built MDI device must reach 300000 tons/year or above (except for reconstruction or expansion projects), and the initial scale of a single set of newly-built TDI device must reach 150000 tons/year or above (except for reconstruction or expansion projects). Other requirements include energy consumption and material consumption

polyurethane is regarded by the world's chemical industry as the sixth largest plastic synthetic material after polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene and ABS, and is widely used in automotive, household appliances, building materials and other fields. MDI and TDI are important basic chemical materials for the production of polyurethane

Zhang Liyang believes that the background of the entry conditions for the iron and steel industry for which opinions are being solicited is the excess iron and steel production capacity, which is set up to eliminate the backward production capacity. However, the access conditions for the mdi/tdi industry are different. The supply and demand of the domestic mdi/tdi industry are basically balanced, and the proportion of imports is relatively high. The new threshold for this industry is set more from the perspective of environmental protection

according to insiders, at present, there are four MDI production enterprises in China, three of which are foreign-funded, and only Yantai Wanhua is domestic funded. As for a single set of 300000 tons/year, only Yantai Wanhua and Bayer have a production capacity of more than 300000 tons. However, the annual TDI capacity of existing enterprises is generally 350000 tons, and no domestic enterprise has reached the scale of 150000 tons/year for a single set. Insiders believe that the new threshold will restrain the supply speed of mdi/tdi, which is good for relevant listed companies

Yantai Wanhua Cangzhou Dahua benefited

Yantai Wanhua is the largest MDI supplier in China. 17. Reset: the load, deformation and displacement can be reset manually or automatically at any time. At present, the domestic MDI output is about 1.14 million tons, including 500000 tons in Yantai Wanhua and 650000 tons in several other foreign enterprises. Next year, Ningbo Wanhua's new capacity of 300000 tons will reach 800000 tons after it is released. In addition, recently, the national development and Reform Commission approved the relocation of the company's Yantai old plant, the construction of 600000 T/a diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) and 300000 t/a toluene diisocyanate (TDI) in the port industrial zone, and the supporting construction of caustic soda, formaldehyde, aniline, air separation, power generation, and checking whether the friction parts should be filled with lubricating oil devices

this year, due to the booming demand, the MDI price has risen to 18000 yuan/ton from the lowest 12000 yuan/ton last year

Cangzhou Dahua is the only and largest TDI manufacturer in China. In the middle of August this year, the joint commissioning of Cangzhou Dahua 50000 ton unit was successfully completed. With the previous 30000 tons, the company has a total capacity of 80000 tons of TDI. Instrument dealers and manufacturers are also increasing year by year.

at present, the TDI price is about 28000 yuan/ton, and the gross profit margin is about 25%

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