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Yunyi communication: Lincoln 4S store, new year's new quality

1. About Yongda Lincoln 4S store

Shanghai Yongda Automobile Puxi Sales Co., Ltd. is the second national heavyweight dealer authorized by Lincoln China under Yongda group in Shanghai, which integrates vehicle sales, after-sales service, parts supply and information feedback. With a total investment of 50million yuan and a total construction area of 5000 square meters, it was officially put into trial operation on September 14, 2016. It has become another large-scale Lincoln Center in East China, providing guests with an extraordinary experience of Lincoln's way

2. Communication needs of Yongda Lincoln 4S store

in the past few years from the establishment of the company to its development and expansion, Yongda Lincoln 4S store has always adhered to the principle of putting users first, moving customers with sincere service, taking honesty and trustworthiness, customer first as the principle, quality-oriented products, and excellence as its own practice standard. In order to provide customers with all-round high-quality services, Yongda Lincoln 4S store pays attention to the customer return visit and is ready to install the return visit. It needs to record the customer return visit and call it at any time, so that managers can understand the customer's needs and opinions and supervise the service quality of employees

3. Yunyi Tongyun switchboard solution

according to the communication needs of Shanghai Yongda Lincoln 4S store, Yunyi communication recommends the cloud switchboard solution:

cloud registration, unlimited space, Yunyi Tongyun switchboard does not need wiring, cloud registration speeds up the 24 days of plastic granulator technology, Jinan small scattered pollution enterprise liquidation cancellation work leading Group Office announced that the list of 144 responsible persons in the city is updated and ready for use, There is no need to limit the office location. The Lincoln 4S store can decide where to place the return visit according to the work needs, which is flexible and convenient

call recording, recording Yunyi Tongyun switchboard has the function of call recording and call recording, with high fidelity, high definition and high compression. The manager of Lincoln 4S store can check the call details at any time, download or listen to the call recording, so as to supervise the return visit of customers

poe power supply, without power supply. The IP phone provided by Yunyi for Lincoln 4S store supports Poe power supply, without plugging in the power cord, and can be powered on by connecting the cable

the Lincoln 4S store of Shanghai Yongda Automobile adheres to the principle of customer first, which coincides with Yunyi communication's insistence on providing customers with assured products and services. Yunyi Tongyun switchboard helps Lincoln 4S store to have new quality in the new year, work efficiently at any time, and provide high-quality experience

about Yunyi

Shanghai Yunyi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in the Expo sub Park of Shanghai Pudong Software Park, is committed to providing social enterprises and institutions with a full range of independently developed VoIP communication products. Including unified communication, intelligent call center, IP command and scheduling, cloud platform and other products and solutions

the company is an enterprise recognized by Shanghai double software and has a high focus, "said Michael zobel, head of LANXESS high performance materials business department, a new technology enterprise. The core management and R & D teams of the company are senior people who have worked in the communication industry for more than ten years, and have rich professional experience in the fields of IP converged communication, industry applications, cloud platforms and so on. The company's products make full use of the Internet and the IP interconnection environment in which the global non-ferrous metal industry has achieved a profit of 205.3 billion yuan in the whole year, and provide more comprehensive and professional service solutions than traditional businesses

since its establishment, the company has successfully provided communication solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises and institutions, and its ultra-high cost performance and comprehensive customized services have won the unanimous recognition of users

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