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Yusheng Hunan production base is completed in Changsha

recently, Yusheng Hunan production base has different indicators for different testing materials and testing machines in Changsha Ningxiang Economic Development Zone. The production base covers a total area of about 35000 square meters, The warehouse covers an area of ② fill the silicone oil delivered randomly into the oil seat (or unscrew the oil cup bolt, with an area of 16800 ㎡, and the improvement of workshop accuracy is limited. The floor area is 6000 ㎡. It is planned to install four diaper production lines, two of which have been completed, and all of which are expected to be installed in July.

Yusheng began its "campaign" in 2010 Hunan market, and the development of Hunan market is far more difficult than expected. Hunan has the output of diapers second only to Fujian and Guangdong, and the price red sea war is extremely fierce. In such a "morass", Yusheng did not drift with the tide, but walked out of the innovation, quality and service line with Yusheng style. With stable product quality and sincere service attitude, it moved one powerful chain store dealer after another and won a batch of loyal consumers, Hunan's market performance has remained the top three in the company's regional markets for five consecutive years

at present, Yusheng has successfully laid out the three bases of the "Golden Triangle" (Zhejiang production base was put into operation in June this year), which not only fundamentally improves the efficiency of the product supply chain, but also brings added value and potential benefits, which will further promote Yusheng enterprise to go higher and further

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