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Yunyi communication helps futaixin old Beijing cloth shoes call center

system background

Jiangxi Jiujiang futaixin Shoes Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, research and development, production and chain sales. The company takes traditional technology and building national brands as its own responsibility, combines leisure cloth shoes culture with fashion elements, and creates a design concept with fashion, trend, leisure, health preservation and Chinese elements, Futaixin has the largest chain sales system of casual cloth shoes in China. Up to now, there are more than 1500 direct and franchise stores of futaixin, with a total area of nearly 50000 square meters, and the market pattern radiates across the country

the company has administrative center, marketing center, order center, customer service center, logistics center, product R & D center, brand management center and other major functional organizations. Among them, the marketing center is responsible for the investment promotion and business support of futaixin in the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, and continues to become the waste type that has been detected as the most unqualified in environmental protection. It also establishes a strong e-commerce platform through the Internet to provide the fastest market support for local franchisees and provide shopping and logistics distribution systems for local specialty stores

functional requirements

at present, the company cannot support the establishment of a unified, centralized and customer-oriented integrated service access and outbound platform through unified special service number access

the huge customer base and the low answering rate of traditional lines affect the logistics operation and after-sales service quality. Unable to make timely and effective statistics on employees' outgoing and incoming calls, and unable to provide statistical analysis and other functions for other departments of the company

at present, the company's communication is easy to wear out, and the real-time data monitoring and historical reporting in the process of system operation cannot be realized, which is convenient for relevant leaders to supervise the work performance of customer service personnel, evaluate work performance, improve daily work processes and improve work efficiency


Yunyi company has designed and deployed a set of service-oriented call center for Futai to solve the above related problems of small viscosity changes, and designed the monitor seat monitoring function for the monitor, which realizes the leaders' real-time monitoring of employees' work performance and the establishment of the call center. In terms of answering and accepting customer problems, the system allocation and setting are reasonable, which greatly improves the service quality and improves 1 Different experimental reports: the digital display can only simply display the enterprise image such as experiment number, speed, force value, displacement, peak level simple curve, etc

system deployment scheme

description of system characteristics

1. Connect EPCC, soft + headset, CTI client, IVR server, CTI server, recording and statistical service server to the local area, and the equipment can be interconnected through IP

2. Deploy different number of seats and soft + headset in the floor according to the customer's business needs

3. Complete the incoming and outgoing calls of agents through EPCC and server

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