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Yunyi communication unified communication platform solution

1. Company profile

Shanghai Yunyi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai Pudong Sanlin Expo Software Park, is a professional manufacturer that has long focused on the field of IP communication. With decades of technology accumulation and product experience, it has become a leading product and solution provider in the industry

the founding members of Yunyi communication are composed of the pioneers who are the first to engage in IP communication in China. They have more than 15 years of professional background and have a deep understanding and persistent enthusiasm for the industry. At the same time, it has a professional technical and marketing team, and the backbone members have an average of more than 5 years of working experience

the company has a number of patented technologies. Through independent development, it has a complete IP communication product line, from EPX series IPPBX products to AVS series soft switch platform, from call center to emergency dispatching command system, and also includes cap integrated communication platform that provides centralized services. With a number of excellent products and R & D achievements, it has become a unique one-stop service solution provider in the IP communication industry

Yunyi communication will continue to adhere to the basic principle of customer first and people-oriented, continue to improve, explore and innovate, create maximum value for customers, and contribute to the vigorous development of the industry. High frequency reciprocating testing machines (also known as friction and wear testing machines, diesel smoothness tester, HFRR) are not unfamiliar laboratory instruments

II. User demand analysis

1 Customer profile and current situation

a new community is built, and there is no communication line access at present

the core machine room has E1 line access

wiring to each room

2. Scheme background and requirements

build an independent hybrid system that can meet IP and analog terminals at the same time

the number of extensions of the system is designed to be 1500, and the external line is designed to be 120 for external calls and external calls

outgoing call can be made through traditional PSTN line or NGN line

call out from NGN line can be considered in terms of saving call costs

good capacity expansion and compatibility

use advanced technology oil source system technology to provide customers with rich functional enjoyment

3. The achievable goal of unified communication

the intra group call cost is zero

unity of corporate image

good communication facilities and advanced technology will further improve the office efficiency of the enterprise

III. scheme design

1 Main idea of scheme design

in view of the above status and needs of customers, and taking advantage of the flexible group characteristics of EPX system, an EPX system is configured in the core machine room

each floor can arrange lines or lines to connect fax machines, voice switches, analog phones and IP phones according to the actual situation. All some terminals are connected to the EPX system in a point-to-point manner. In this way, a customer's voice communication system is built to realize free calls between regions, and also realize rich and practical functions

outgoing calls can be sent through NGN lines to reduce charges, and PSTN lines are used as backup lines

2. Design theme analysis

internal calls are free

after the system group, calls between various regions can be free

enjoy value-added functions

epx system can realize various functions such as computer operator, fax, remote extension, business all-in-one, conference bridge, recording, voice mailbox, call center, etc

voice quality assurance

the system adopts the world's advanced QoS assurance mechanism and efficient voice coding and decoding technology to ensure voice quality

3. Scheme group

4 Group description

Yunyi IP communication solution is to deploy a Yunyi EPX device in the company and connect it to the local area in the computer room as the core of the company's voice system to meet the communication and cooperation requirements of office staff on different floors

Hardware: EPX service will increase to about 20% by 2025, including service system, voice switch, digital switch and IP terminal

a digital relay gateway is deployed in the core computer room to connect to the local area of the company. The E1 port is connected to the digital trunk external line provided by the operator to provide external call in and internal call out

deploy voice switch in the core computer room, connect the line to the distribution frame, provide analog line access to each floor area, and provide voice service or fax service

deploy IP phones on the office desktop, register to EPX through IP, and realize internal and external calls and other functional applications

place a voice switch in the office area to provide access to analog phones or fax machines

the system adopts the management method of routing signaling to manage the communication routes of each extension well, and reasonably arrange the transmission of voice flow to ensure the timely delivery of signaling and the rational use of bandwidth

the user's outgoing call can be sent through the low-cost NGN line to save charges

IV. Yunyi IP voice communication system

background and challenges

in the face of increasingly fierce competition, the following demands of enterprise customers are increasingly fierce

efficient communication and decision-making

reduce enterprise costs and save expenses

high telepresence experience

easy to use and manage

safe, reliable and adaptable

Yunyi IP communication system function list

basic functions

the internal extension is SIP extension (including IP and software)

each extension can realize communication between each other and meet the combined application of multiple access methods

1. Support to set the extension full transfer operation, and all incoming calls will be automatically transferred to the preset number

2. Support number types include: internal extension, external number, voice mailbox, voicemail number, call group number, switchboard number

1. When the extension is busy, all incoming calls will be transferred to the preset number

2. Support number types include: internal extension, external number, voice mailbox, voicemail number Call group number, switchboard number

3, can work at the same time with non answer transfer

4, cannot coexist with full transfer function

support the setting of extension non answer transfer operation

1, when the extension is not answered, all incoming call transfer call setting numbers

2, support number types are: internal extension, external number, voice mailbox, voicemail number, call group number, switchboard number

3 It can work with busy transfer at the same time, but it cannot coexist with full transfer function.

multiple extensions can be added to a group. When there is an incoming call to dial the group number, all extensions in the group will ring at the same time. As long as any one person picks up the call, other extensions will stop ringing.

polling ringing.

extensions can be set to be bound to it or fixed lines, which will ring in turn according to the configured order, Any terminal will stop polling after receiving the call

call hold

the user can temporarily hold the ongoing one-way call, and the other party will not be hung up when hearing the background music, and can reconnect later

call temporary storage

the user can temporarily hold the ongoing one-way call, and the other party will not be hung up when hearing the background music, and can reconnect later, Or notify a third party of the establishment of the alliance, and connect the advantageous resources of enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions within the convergence thermoplastic elastomer material and product industry alliance.

users can bind their own extension with. When there is a call to the extension number, it will ring at the same time, and they can answer their office anytime and anywhere. After using the answer, You can also use the transfer and multi-party call function

support the setting of call waiting

1. After the call waiting is configured for the extension, two extensions are talking. When there are other incoming calls, there will be a beep prompt tone

2. SIP terminal is required to support call switching

time division service

different automatic response service processes can be set for different time periods, such as weekends On holidays or in the evening, provide greeting language different from office hours for callers

call records

all call records will be maintained, and web query and download will be provided. At the same time, it supports writing call records into the database required by the customer

automatic recording: the web interface can be preset to record all incoming and outgoing calls of an extension

manual recording: during the call, when the caller feels that the conversation is important and needs temporary recording, he can start recording by pressing a specific function key, End the call or press a specific function key to stop recording

disa (external)

company employees can call the switchboard through PSTN outside, and can dial the external line after entering the authorized password. For employees who need to frequently use disa function, they can make the main call binding, avoiding the trouble of entering a password every time

2. The voice mailbox is protected by a password

3. The system sends MWI signaling to the terminal, and the terminal reminds them in the form of an indicator light

4. After listening to the message, you can press one key to directly call the messager number

5. You can forward the message in your voice mailbox to other users

voice message to email

1 When a message is added to a user's voice mailbox, his email mailbox will receive a voice file with the same content. Each voicemail has a unique number

2. The voice file format is wav format

paperless fax

supports paperless fax. Users can preview the received fax directly through the web, or send fax directly on the web

remote extension

the company's switchboard can not only be used for this office, It can also be used by branches in different places. The communication between the two places can be dialed directly by extension as if they were both local, and the communication cost in different places is zero. For people who often travel or work at home, they can also use extensions outside. They have a mobile office

Yunyi EPX device as the internal core system of enterprise voice communication, which can support up to 500 external lines and 2000 channel registration, adopt standard SIP protocol, and support video coding H.263 and H.264. It can support mobile iPad, terminal registration, etc

voice off can be done according to actual needs, and the equipment can be registered

as a desktop communication tool for ordinary employees, Yunyi IP phone adopts standard SIP protocol, has two RJ45 ports, can register two SIP accounts at the same time, and is equipped with headset interface to facilitate communication

4 advantages and features of Yunyi IP voice communication solution

flexible mobile communication is applied to any device

seamless remote network application, through any, seamless transfer at any office node, and communication between various devices

flexible mobile communication can be applied anywhere

use the same tools to access the company address book and messages at home, on the road or in the office, book and manage meetings, chat in real time, dial or answer, and reduce long-distance, mobile and international long-distance charges

it is easy to deploy and supports Conference cooperation of various terminals

5 Yunyi IP voice communication solution summary

Yunyi solution provides the five benefit analysis you need

this solution can save users' expenses and improve service image from multiple perspectives

six customer cases

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address: http//: email: shanlei@

company address: 4th floor, building 2, Sanlin WorldExpo Software Park, 295 Lingyan South Road, Pudong, Shanghai 200126

business and product consulting work time: Monday to Friday 09:: 00 (excluding legal holidays)

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