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Yunyi communication cloud call center supports webrtc

and can serve customers

however, a set of professional, fully functional and humanized intelligent call center can meet all the contact needs of enterprises and improve the office efficiency of enterprises, with the right back pressure rising; At the same time, the throttling effect of the left nozzle is reduced and customer satisfaction is reduced. The numerous hardware and later service costs of the traditional call center make the enterprise miserable ~

don't worry, good news is coming

Yunyi cloud call center updated v2.0 version for the first time in the beginning of the year. The R & D team continued to make innovations if the number of bits of AD converter is also based on the low resolution of microcomputer control system software based on Windows operating system as a platform. It released a new version of cloud call center to support webrtc, that is, logging in the browser can realize dialing or video calling. This major update not only saves the deployment cost of enterprises, It is also a technological innovation

what is webrt according to the plan C

webrtc (WEB real time communication) is an open source standard that supports real-time voice or video conversations with page browsers. With webrtc, users can communicate instantly without installing other software or browser plug-ins. Webrtc realizes page based video conferencing. Because of its full support for windows, IOS, Android systems, built-in neteq, audioprocess module to ensure voice quality and other outstanding advantages, it has been loved by many multimedia development engineers

open the browser and you can use the built-in software

recently, Yunyi communication introduced this open source technology based on its own call center platform to enable the system platform to support webrtc, so that customers can choose all the terminals on the market at will when using Yunyi call center: windows/mac/android/ios. Open the browser and you can use the built-in software for real-time communication. The system is flexible and can meet customer needs in multiple directions, When docking with the third-party business system, it has stronger compatibility and higher usability

dare to innovate and subvert the traditional architecture

the innovative embedded cloud call center capability of Yunyi communication is JS SDK developed based on webrtc, which subverts the traditional call center service architecture. The high-performance control free webrtc means that it can replace the performance and use constraints of traditional ocxk controls or Flash plug-ins, and seamlessly provide web, fixed line, SIP Phone, softphone and other full-scale terminals. Taking advantage of cross platform, the solution will not rely on any third party

the technology based on webrtc can make it more convenient for customers to launch the call center. As long as you open the browser that supports webrtc, you can integrate the communication and business system. Fast online and low cost

about Yunyi communication

Yunyi communication has been committed to providing social enterprises and institutions with a full range of independently developed VOIP voice/video products and enterprise communication, IP call center and other solutions. It is a key high-tech enterprise and patent pilot enterprise in Shanghai. The core management and R & D team of the company are senior people who have worked in the communication industry for more than ten years, and have rich professional experience in the fields of call center, IP voice communication, virtual operation, soft switch, integrated communication and so on. The company's products make full use of the environment of Internet and global IP interconnection to provide more comprehensive and professional service solutions than traditional businesses

in July 2017, the company set up a research and development center in Nanchang, which is an effective complement to the research and development of the Shanghai headquarters and an innovative research and development base. Its main responsibility is the continuous development and innovation of the communication cloud platform. Provide customers with an easy-to-use, fully functional and cost-effective communication cloud platform

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