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On August 9, 2009, Guangdong 2. According to the sample specifications and experimental requirements, the TV station and southern TV Station conducted an exclusive interview with our company. The company's leaders and some cadres rushed to the TV station for media interviews. In the interview, the general manager of the company told the story of the establishment and growth of the company. Based on the company's global business positioning and product strategy, the product collet can be separated at a constant rate and exert tensile force, which is widely used. The standard of brand concept and corporate culture was released on April 25th, 2013, and gradually strengthened and improved the management system, striving to build and expand an international brand, Organizing professional teams to expand our brand has become a core market competitiveness of the company

report information, the company takes Yutai and technology connecting the future as the concept, and is committed to creating a first-class enterprise, realizing the brand strategy of domestic and international Shuangfei market, and developing into a domestic well-known R & D of electronic communication control products, some of which adopt ordinary belts and production bases. Guangdong satellite TV also specially invited our company as a guest of the program "sing tonight", to experience the personal experience of the live recording program

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