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Yutong heavy industry 17 ton pure electric washing and sweeping vehicle successfully rolled off the production line

Yutong heavy industry 17 ton pure electric washing and sweeping vehicle successfully rolled off the production line

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recently, a 17 ton pure electric washing and sweeping vehicle jointly developed by Yutong heavy industry and Yutong Bus Development Department has completed trial production in the assembly workshop and successfully rolled off the production line, adding new members to the product line

the research and development of this vehicle is a cooperative project between the Technology Department of Yutong heavy industry headquarters and the passenger car development department. With the help of Yutong passenger car's strong chassis research and development ability, and combined with the company's many years of experience in the design and production of washing and sweeping vehicles. The vehicle is fully electric driven, and there is no pollutant emission in the whole working process. It is an ideal vehicle for urban sanitation operations, which fully reflects the concept of green and environmental protection of Yutong new energy vehicles

Yutong heavy industry 17 ton pure electric washing and sweeping vehicle came out

compared with the transmission washing and sweeping vehicle, the vehicle mainly has the following innovations and improvements:

1. The front and rear axles of the vehicle adopt the air shear strength shear strength suspension system, and the shock absorption performance is better than the leaf spring suspension. The distance between the two is 1.2-2mm, the comfort of the whole machine is greatly improved, and the bearing capacity is stronger, and the maximum total mass of the whole machine is more than that of the transmission vehicle, It means that the rated load mass of the vehicle is larger and the load efficiency is higher

2. The vehicle is equipped with a braking power recovery system, which can effectively recover braking energy and effectively alleviate the problem of low endurance of pure electric vehicles

3. The self-contained constant speed cruise function greatly reduces the driver's work intensity and provides a better use experience

4. The washing and sweeping car body and the fan air duct are designed with a roof, which can not only avoid the phenomenon of sewage back pouring into the fan, but also guide the noise at the fan outlet to spread upward, effectively reducing the noise during normal operation of the vehicle

5. After the optimization of the box structure, the internal volume utilization rate is improved, and the volume of the sewage tank is increased by 20% when the volume of the clean water tank remains unchanged

6. The upper electrical system adopts the CAN bus control mode, and the vehicle harness is greatly reduced, which can not only effectively improve the reliability of the electrical part, but also bring convenience to fault detection and maintenance, and greatly improve the adjustability of the vehicle state

the design of the pure electric washing and sweeping vehicle was completed in early May. It took only 45 days to complete the application of procurement, trial production and announcement materials, which is the result of the joint cooperation of all departments of the company. It is inseparable from the close communication and coordination between the supply department and suppliers, the on-site guidance of design and process personnel, the information collection and sorting of colleagues in the technical center, and then at 200 ℃, lazhong is inseparable from the hard work of colleagues in the assembly workshop who work overtime almost every day until late at night

now, the vehicle has entered the stage of performance test and reliability test. It is believed that with the full support and participation of such a group of hardworking and conscientious employees in the R & D and trial production of the vehicle, this model will have good performance and strong market adjustable reporting field competitiveness

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