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Yutian Xinlian with its fine products appeared in the "2011 China International color box Exhibition"

Yutian Xinlian Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. will display xlmyq-1050a automatic flat pressing and waste cleaning die-cutting machine at the 2011 China International color box Exhibition (sinofoldingcarton 2011) held at the China International Exhibition Center (old museum) in Beijing on July 6, 2011 - check whether the oil circuit system joint is tightened or not. This equipment is a new generation of high-end automatic flat pressing and waste cleaning machine developed by Yutian Xinlian based on the experience of researching and producing automatic flat pressing die-cutting machine for more than ten years, drawing lessons from foreign advanced production technology and according to the market demand at home and abroad. This machine optimizes the design of the paper feeding, die cutting and paper receiving parts, which greatly improves the die cutting speed and precision. A convenient and fast adjustment positioning system is specially designed for thin paper, thick paper and corrugated paper, so that the machine can easily change the plate when cutting different papers. The transmission, swing rod, cam and other mechanisms of the waste cleaning part of this machine are newly designed, which makes the structure more reasonable and the operation more stable Springs, electrical appliances and main parts are all international well-known brands, with stable performance and durability. This machine is controlled by touch screen computer with a high degree of automation. It is an ideal equipment for die cutting, indentation and cold embossing operations such as high-end trademarks, cartons, greeting cards, etc

the xlhx-1380/1450 box pasting machine produced by Yutian Xinlian has developed two fold, four fold and pre fold functions, with four corner and six corner functions. This machine is equipped with a special paper corrector, secondary 1 The line pressing device of vanadium industry pattern adopts man-machine intelligent system

nowadays, Yutian Xinlian has developed into a comprehensive industrial group integrating scientific and technological development, design, production, marketing and service. It is one of the professional manufacturers of large-scale die-cutting and plate making equipment in China at present. The Beiyu brand series products produced by it are sold all over the country, and actively meet the growing safety needs. They are exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and some countries in Africa, and are highly praised by the majority of users. In addition to participating in the domestic 2011 China International Corrugated exhibition, Yutian Xinlian will also exhibit xlmyq-1050a automatic flat pressing and waste cleaning die cutting machine, xlmy-1300, 1500 semi-automatic die cutting and indentation machine, xlhx-1380/1450 full-automatic box pasting machine and window pasting machine at the 2011 China International color box exhibition. The company has received a large number of orders at large-scale domestic exhibitions in the past

Yutian Xinlian attaches great importance to staff training. Every quarter, the company organizes technical studies for employees, and specially hires professors from Beijing Institute of printing to give lectures on printing technology, so that employees have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of this industry, so as to better invest in work and strengthen the soft power of the company

with the rapid growth of the output of printing and packaging products, the quality requirements are higher and higher, and the demand for packaging equipment is also higher and higher. Yutian Xinlian will seize this rare opportunity to increase the publicity of more than 100000 foam granulation machines, and gradually expand and strengthen the brand of Yutian Xinlian. The company has carried out the distribution work all over the world and achieved gratifying results. In the process of development, the company always believes that the quality of employees is the key to the success or failure of the enterprise. The humanistic environment and corporate culture of the company are our successful experience. In the future, Xinlian people are willing to work together with friends at home and abroad to create a better tomorrow with higher standards, better quality, more reasonable price and better service. A new hand will always be a friend

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