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Yunyi 96110 anti telecom network fraud center solution

1, program background

in recent years, China's Telecom fraud cases have emerged in endlessly, showing the characteristics of technology driven, industrial cooperation, team crime, cross-border implementation, etc., and the law enforcement departments are constantly strengthening the crackdown on Telecom fraud

in order to unify the anti fraud early warning and anti fraud consultation, and facilitate the general public to identify and confirm the police early warning, according to the requirements of the notice on making preparations for the opening of the unified early warning special number 96110 of the national anti fraud Center issued by the joint inter ministerial Office of the State Council, all cities have officially launched the early warning number of the 96110 anti fraud center and deployed the 96110 anti fraud early warning and anti fraud consultation platform. After the official use of the special anti Telecom fraud number 96110, it will be specially used for early warning, dissuasion, prevention and publicity to the masses

2. Program content

Yunyi communication is a professional IP convergence communication service provider, providing enterprises with one-stop communication solutions. After special research on the fraud industry and many years of experience in the research and development of government systems, the 96110 anti fraud center system is specially developed to provide 96110 anti fraud consulting overall solutions for local anti fraud centers

96110 system can provide anti fraud consultation, complaint, dissuasion, emergency help, alarm reception, anti fraud knowledge publicity and other functions. The specific functions are: IVR voice navigation, queuing, incoming call pop-up screen, so as to avoid the damage of the tested product caused by out of control environmental conditions. User data management, work order management, traffic quality inspection, knowledge base, statistical reports, SMS functions, etc. the system also realizes the three-party alarm call (transfer function) of the cheated people, 110 and the anti fraud center. The system not only realizes the alarm receiving function of telecom network fraud cases, but also puts the functions of early warning, dissuasion, emergency help and so on in front, forming a whole chain of prevention in advance, blocking in the process, and striking after the event to crack down on a new mechanism for dealing with Telecom network crimes

considering that the original intention of the system is to serve the broad masses of the people and can alarm and consult all kinds of fraud at any time, it is necessary to ensure the normal, stable and efficient operation of the system. Based on this, Yunyi communication specially considers adding a dual machine hot standby call center scheme on the basis of this system, which monitors the line, voice switching equipment, server, network, cti/application/database software, etc. during the operation of the call center system, and automatically switches the abnormal system

3, scheme group

1) hardware: two call center hosts, two relay switches, digital switches, terminals

2) the main and standby call center systems detect each other through the heartbeat line. When it is found that this is also the driving force to expand the small panel control system, when the main system fails, the standby system takes over the service and working IP

3) when the main and standby call center system works externally, the same working IP address is used, and the business system, agent telephone and relay switch are all connected with the working IP

4) the two relay switches work at the same time in the mode of flow sharing, and connect with the working IP address of the call center system. When one equipment fails, the other machine works normally

5) the database adopts cluster mode to ensure the reliability of data. If the customer already has a database cluster, the IP call center database can be directly built on the original cluster. Facilitate unified management

Yunyi provides one-stop communication solutions for enterprises. The R & D team with more than 10 years of industry experience customizes the call system for enterprises, and the professional technical team provides 7 * 24-hour after-sales technical services to escort enterprise communication! Pay attention to Yunyi communication official account, and more call center solutions are constantly being updated

about Yunyi

Shanghai Yunyi Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the Expo sub Park of Shanghai Pudong Software Park with domestic high-end technology. It is committed to providing social enterprises and institutions with a full range of independently developed VoIP communication products. Including unified communication, intelligent call center, IP command and scheduling, cloud platform and other products and solutions

the company is a Shanghai Hytrel, Zytel and Surlyn material 1, which has been widely used in all industries and cities as a double soft certified enterprise and a key high-tech enterprise. The core management and R & D teams of the company are senior people who have worked in the communication industry for more than ten years, and have rich professional experience in the fields of IP converged communication, industry applications, cloud platforms and so on. The company's products make full use of the Internet and global IP interconnection environment to provide more comprehensive and professional service solutions than traditional businesses

since its establishment, the company has successfully provided communication solutions for tens of thousands of enterprises and institutions, and its ultra-high cost performance and comprehensive customized services have won the unanimous recognition of users

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