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Yunyi communication Emergency Management Bureau intelligent command platform solution

scheme background

in order to improve the government's ability to respond to public crises, improve the work efficiency of emergency personnel, deal with crises in a timely and effective manner, and quickly restore social stability, a Municipal Emergency Management Bureau plans to build an intelligent command platform. The platform needs to have the function of checking the post, automatically dial to, play the sound and press the key to confirm whether the staff is on duty; When answering an emergency, the agent needs the function to input the basic information of the emergency, and needs to send a short message to the designated; The Emergency Management Bureau pays attention to the management of the duty table, duty log and work attendance of daily emergency duty personnel, and the command platform system needs to have the function of recording to text

scheme description

the original Unicom number and line are still used for the platform to receive reports

through mobile IMS access, it can meet the multi-channel concurrent call out, realize the post checking function, and can also access the wireless GSM switch. Through the floating fiber on the surface of the material, it has been a very good improved outbound call

the platform is deployed locally, mainly composed of call center (supporting artificial intelligence), CTI server, data server, web server, and intercom system

the duty seat adopts IP phone (or analog phone) to answer or dial

all off devices and servers are connected to the network switch and connected in SIP mode

platform function

the platform can carry out regular and temporary post inspection for each duty position. The system can customize grouping, post duty, post inspection time and post inspection rules. The platform automatically broadcasts the number. When busy, it can make multiple rounds of dialing until it is connected. After being connected, the post inspection prompt tone will be automatically played, and the keys of the person on duty can be received. Automatic statistics of job search results and analysis reports

when the alarm receiver answers, the system automatically converts the call voice into text for easy memory, and supports the function of entering the basic information of emergencies. If necessary, one key group can send SMS to the designated above

according to the relevant emergency response plan and the information received, the alarm receiving personnel predicted that the event level and impact situation were not optimistic

if the emergency reaches the four levels specified in the plan, start the emergency plan and give early warning through the command and dispatching system (SMS, etc.)

management of daily emergency duty personnel's duty table, duty log and work attendance: knowledge base - management of emergency management related knowledge and laws and regulations for telephone operators to learn; Case base - a case base is formed for the disposal process of various emergencies in the past for future reference

statistical analysis of emergencies statistical analysis of historical events to provide data support for leaders' auxiliary decision-making

scheduling, the system provides the control of personnel by 3 Scheduling of power analyzers, resources, etc

Yunyi IP command and dispatching system adopts advanced VOIP technology, which can have various functions of traditional dispatching system and IP dispatching and dispatching system at the same time, and supports remote IP user access/remote dispatching mode. It is widely used in government emergency, power, coal, oil, military, rail transit and other professional dispatching and communication fields

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