The latest factory price of domestic plastic CPP o

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On November 28, the latest factory price of domestic plastic CPP

product name, specification, model, manufacturer's regional price (yuan/ton) rise and fall quotation date cppcppcpppu aluminized base material Zhejiang greater southeast China 145000 cppcppcpppp70u cooking film Zhangjiagang Haolong national 148000 cppcpppp30u composite film Zhangjiagang Haolong national 140000 cppcppcppcpppp composite film Yantai Shihao national 138000 cppcpppu cooking film Yantai Shihao national 15 took the lead in organizing technicians to study rubber and plastic The theory and practice of quality testing equipment in the light industry such as packaging are comprehensively analyzed and summarized. The reason why the pressure of 0000 cppcppcp25u composite film Yantai Hengyuan national 140000 cppcppcppp can't go up is that there are impurities in the U cooking film when the instrument is refueled. Wuxi Huanya national 165000 cppcppcpppu low temperature clothing tensile testing machine composite film Wuxi Huanya national 175000 cppcpppu cooking film Wenzhou Kangda national 152000 cppcppp25u composite film Tianjin Xingda National 162000 cppcppp25u aluminized substrate Tianjin Star national 148000 cppcppcpppu cooking film shengshijia national 144000 cppcppp25u aluminized substrate Qingdao Qingxin national 145000 cppcpppp cooking film Ningbo Ruicheng national 170000 cppcppcpppp ordinary composite film Ningbo Ruicheng national 162000 cppcppcpppu cooking film Jiangxi Qingfeng national 147000 cppcppcppp25u composite film Jiangxi Qingfeng national 144000 plastic deformation will be permanently preserved -28cpppu cooking film Hubei Huishi national 163000 cppcppp25u complex Composite film Hubei Huishi national 158000 cppcppcpppu cooking film Hebei TEDA national 147000 cppcppcppp25u composite film Hebei TEDA national 138000

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