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The expansion of epoxy resin will fill the European market with supplies.

insiders said this week that the upcoming expansion of epoxy resin will fill the European market with supplies that are already oversupplied, which may lead to a decline in prices

a new type of natural packaging film for two sets of large devices has been born, and the expansion is expected to be completed in October, one of which is Dow's device in stad, Germany, and the other is Jana's device in Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Dow will increase the nameplate capacity of the device by 30000 tons/year, and Jana will double the production capacity of the device to 120000 tons/year

at present, the total capacity of epoxy resin in Europe is about 375000 tons/year

some people say that the expansion may occur at the worst time, because the market is already full of goods, and it is difficult to sell epoxy resin

a buyer said, "the expansion will reduce the price and make the market more full of supplies, but it is also a good thing that there can be newer and more efficient devices."

A person from Dow said that Dow is a global company. If the company cannot find a buyer in Europe, it can sell the goods to other markets

when agreeing to these two projects, it was at a time when the demand for epoxy resin in Europe was booming, and the endogenous momentum of prices to stimulate officers to start businesses was much higher than usual. However, last year, prices had fallen, and the demand was greatly reduced

in June 2011, the contract price of liquid epoxy resin was EUR/ton (FD northwest Europe), but the current price is EUR/ton (FD northwest Europe). Meanwhile, the price of raw benzene has risen from 834 euros/ton (FOB northwest Europe) to 1061 euros/ton (FOB northwest Europe)

industry insiders estimate that the demand for bisphenol A in the epoxy resin industry has decreased by 25% so far this year, and the demand for epoxy resin in the coating, industrial paint and decorative paint industry has decreased by about% compared with the same period last year

Eurostat, a statistical agency, said that the statistical situation was not optimistic. Compared with the same period last year, the construction performance of the 27 EU member states in May, if not adjusted, fell by 6.9%, and that of the euro zone fell by 8.4%. In the first half of 2012, data from the European Association of automobile manufacturers showed that the number of new cars registered in the EU fell by 6.8% over the same period last year

construction and automobile are the two most important downstream industries of epoxy resin

in order to balance the market full of supply, most manufacturers have reduced production. During August, September and October, four manufacturers will shut down the unit at different times for annual maintenance

at present, most epoxy resin plants are operating at% load rate, propylene oxide plants that provide raw materials are also operating at about 70% load rate, and bisphenol A plants that provide common raw materials are operating at% load rate

if the market is not enough to cope with the weak demand for derivatives, high raw material prices will also put pressure on the market

the contract price of benzene in Europe in August increased by 108 euros/ton compared with the previous month, and the price of propylene increased by 120 euros/ton compared with July

because August is one of the lightest months of the year, derivative manufacturers try not to raise prices, because most manufacturers are on vacation, and the device will stop for several weeks

the sellers of epoxy resin, bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin hope to pass on the price increase of raw materials at the end of August or September

Momentive, the manufacturer, announced that it would increase the price of liquid epoxy resin and solid epoxy resin in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by EUR/ton from August 15, even if the contract allows. The price adjustment was caused by the price rise of main raw materials (including benzene, propylene and acetone)

spolchemie, a producer in the Czech Republic, and two other producers announced that the price of liquid epoxy resin and solid epoxy resin will be increased by euro/ton from August 15 or according to the contract. This is to improve the unbearable low profits and make up for the sharp rise in raw material prices

the buyer believes that the discussion in September is difficult. They want to resist the price hike because of weak demand and full supply. But 2 Refrigeration systems have overheated, and manufacturers say that no matter what buyers want to do, they still have to raise prices because such profits are unbearable

a propylene oxide manufacturer said, "considering the adverse changes in raw material prices since last year, it is absolutely necessary to restore European profits in order to keep many plants running."

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