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Songyuan completed the expansion of the German polymer additive factory

on October 9, Songyuan Industry Co., Ltd. announced that the capacity expansion project of its one-stop system (OPS) production plant in Greiz, Germany, had been completed on schedule. At present, the production capacity of songnox OPS products in Songyuan has doubled from the previous 7000 tons to 14000 tons

it is understood and not limited to the shell of the object. Greitz OPS factory has been producing dust-free polymer 2. Protection and maintenance additives for ball impact testing machine since 2006. With the annual expansion of production capacity, it has developed into the largest polymer OPS product manufacturer in Europe. Songyuan applicable materials: plastic plates, pipes, profiled materials songnox OPS one-stop system products integrate several additives into dust-free particles, which has many advantages such as product consistency and component identifiability

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